Makarov Traumatic Pistol: Advantages And Disadvantages

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Makarov Traumatic Pistol: Advantages And Disadvantages
Makarov Traumatic Pistol: Advantages And Disadvantages

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Traumatic pistols are becoming more and more fashionable. The population has long taken their defense into their own hands, not relying on the law enforcement agencies. And one of the most powerful arguments in self-defense is the Makarov traumatic pistol.

Makarov traumatic
Makarov traumatic

The traumatic Makarov is a self-defense weapon designed on the basis of the combat model of this pistol. Refers to a type of firearm that has a limited range of damage.

The difference between the tramata and the combat version of the pistol is that in the traumatic version the original rifled barrel of the military weapon is replaced with a smooth-bore civilian version. In addition, in the traumatic version, the barrel is equipped with a partition that prevents the firing of live ammunition. Shooting from the traumatic variant can only be carried out with rubber bullets.

Benefits of traumatic Makarov

For the manufacture of a traumatic version of the PM, combat pistols, released in the fifties of the last century, are taken. It is no secret that in Soviet times, steel of a higher quality was used for the production of weapons than now. So there is no reason to doubt the reliability of the pistol.

In this regard, the traumatic Makarov is one of the best self-defense pistols. Due to its compactness, it is ideal for continuous wear. And its ease of maintenance makes it one of the most bought models of self-defense pistols. Plus, he will never let you down if you find yourself in a dangerous situation.

For more modern models of this pistol, the magazine has been increased to 10 rounds, and if you wish, you can also purchase a clip with a capacity of 13 rounds.

Optimal price-quality ratio.


Without them, too, nowhere, because nothing exists ideally. First of all, all fans complain about the weak power of the cartridges. Although the strength of the barrel allows the use of more powerful ammunition.

Also, the disadvantage, in the eyes of those who bought it, is that the pistol's trigger has too much travel. In addition, in order to make a shot from a pistol, you must make every effort to pull the trigger.

Another disadvantage of the weapon can be attributed to the too small angle of inclination of the handle, although some do not agree with this statement, because the whole thing is in practice.

The biggest disadvantage of this pistol is the lack of accuracy when firing. A low front sight and a rear sight with a small slot prevent higher accuracy.

On some models, the barrel is prone to swelling, especially after using more powerful cartridges. Although, after modernization, the pistol received a more reinforced barrel.

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