How To Make A Wish For A Shooting Star

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How To Make A Wish For A Shooting Star
How To Make A Wish For A Shooting Star
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There is a belief that if you make a wish for a shooting star, it will certainly come true. You just need to have time to do it quickly, before the star has completely fallen. And since this sign has existed, romantics all over the world have been looking for shooting stars in the dark night sky, dreaming of giving one of them their wish.

How to make a wish for a shooting star
How to make a wish for a shooting star


Step 1

To make a wish for a star, you must first notice it, and then also have time to say your wish, if not out loud, then at least to yourself. Frankly speaking, it is not stars that fall from the sky, but small cosmic bodies - meteorites. They enter the Earth's atmosphere and while they pass it, they manage to burn up. This happens in about a second.

Step 2

It is best to "catch" shooting stars when the sky is the clearest and the air is dry and transparent. The main season for stars is in August and September, when climatic and astronomical conditions are ideal for spotting these objects. Therefore, if you want to catch a shooting star, choose a quiet and moonless night in late summer or early autumn.

Step 3

If you are in a city, then artificial lighting will prevent you from seeing shooting stars, because even ordinary night lights can be discerned with great difficulty. Therefore, in order not to miss the falling space object, you will have to go out of town. You need to choose a place where no artificial lighting will bother you.

Step 4

Come up with a desire in advance so that as soon as you see a star, do not hesitate to pronounce it. It is not necessary to do this at the top of your voice, you can say what you are thinking to yourself, but the main thing is that it is a meaningful expression of your desires. It is believed that if you managed to make a wish before the star goes out, it will definitely come true.

Step 5

You don't have to prepare for making wishes in advance, but just look at the night sky from time to time. It is said that especially fortunate people, even in a well-lit city, manage to notice shooting stars and make their wishes on them.

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