How To Wash Vinyl Records

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How To Wash Vinyl Records
How To Wash Vinyl Records

Video: How To Wash Vinyl Records

Video: How To Wash Vinyl Records
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Clicks, crackles, and other noise are nothing more than dirt on the surface of the vinyl record. To enjoy the pure sound of your favorite music from your speakers, throw away all fears and stereotypes and, armed with a cleaner, finally bathe your vinyl.

How to wash vinyl records
How to wash vinyl records


  • - pelvis;
  • - foam rubber;
  • - settled water;
  • - liquid synthetic detergent;
  • - cotton fabric;
  • - wide brush;
  • - jar;
  • - a new paper envelope or regular bag.


Step 1

Take a basin that is larger than your record. Put a piece of foam rubber at the very bottom and pour about three liters of water that has settled for a couple of days. Pour liquid detergent such as "AOC" or "Laska" into the basin. Dissolve it thoroughly in water.

Step 2

Take the plate by the edges and dip it into a bowl of detergent. Turn it over several times until it is moistened with water on all sides and in each path. There is usually a lot of dust inside the tracks, and the cleaning agent will push all the dirt to the surface, making cleaning much easier. Leave your record to soak for 15-20 minutes.

Step 3

After that, remove the plate from the pelvis, gently taking it with one hand by the edge in the center. Now the cleaning itself begins directly, for which take in the other hand a wide brush with a soft bristle prepared in advance. Soak it in the detergent solution.

Step 4

Brush along all the tracks of the record several times in two directions. If the brush does not go smoothly on the surface, but in places "stumbles", dip it again in the detergent and, after thoroughly rinsing there, return to those areas again. Walk like this all over the plate on both sides.

Step 5

Rinse the record again in a bowl of detergent and repeat the above procedure. Then take it by the edges and under a powerful jet of water at 25 degrees, wash off the remaining cleaning agent from the surface. As soon as small soap bubbles stop forming and the plate itself begins to shine and reflect, remove it from the jet.

Step 6

Take a simple, soft cotton cloth, dampen it with clean water and wring it out well. Thoroughly wipe the surface of the vinyl along all grooves and around the label. Your record is clean; all that remains is to dry it.

Step 7

To do this, put it on some wide enough jar with the label facing down. Flip to the other side a little later. Dry the record away from heating battery systems and fans for about one hour, and then place it in a new paper envelope prepared in advance or in a regular bag for better preservation.

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