What To Do With Old Vinyl Records

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What To Do With Old Vinyl Records
What To Do With Old Vinyl Records

Once in short supply, vinyl records with old records can be useful to collectors. In addition, vinyl is a fertile material for creative people. They can be used to make designer items of a high artistic level.

What to do with old vinyl records
What to do with old vinyl records

Once upon a time, vinyl records were the subject of lust, they got it by big pulls, made the happy owner of the Beatles records or the LP "On the Waves of My Memory" by Mikael Tariverdiev. Whole generations have grown up with musical fairy tales for children.

Therefore, the regrets of the owners of vinyl collections are so understandable. The records can no longer be used for their intended purpose, but it is incredibly a pity to just throw them away.

However, you have to part with useless things, and therefore it is worth revising the condition of vinyl discs. Separate those that are not scratched or damaged and those that are no longer suitable for listening.

Sale of old vinyl records

Intact vinyl records must be rewritten by name, indicating the artist, year of issue and the manufacturer.

Go through specialized forums or Internet sites and place ads on them with a list of records available for sale or free transfer.

Perhaps someone from the collectors or connoisseurs of music on vinyl is looking for exactly what the author of the ad has and is ready to share.

In this case, everyone will be satisfied. For money or without it, but, dear to heart, the records will find their new owner and will not end up in a landfill.

What can be made from old vinyl

The vinyl from which the discs are made is pliable and softens at low temperatures. It is worth placing a vinyl record in the oven for just a few minutes, as it turns into a great material for creating real masterpieces.

With your hands or using tools at hand, you can shape the edges of the soft plate to the desired shape. You get a decorative plate, a stylish flower pot, a Salvador Dali-style clock or a fruit vase.

If you cut curly holes in a soft plate, then a unique author's thing will become a decoration of the house. This can be a wall panel in the shape of a cat or a butterfly, a clock that can be given any shape, the most delicate, a decorative plate on the wall, a picture for interior decoration.

Vinyl can be beautifully painted with acrylics and decorated. On an already curved or carved plate or panel (certainly cooled down), you can use the decoupage technique and get a vintage-style product. Or, on the contrary, the most modern thing, decorated with abstraction or Khokhloma.

Before throwing away your old collection of gramophone records, you should think about the fact that someone is looking for old records on vinyl or someone's hand-made hands will be very useful with fertile material for creativity.

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