How Long Does A Parcel Take Across Russia

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How Long Does A Parcel Take Across Russia
How Long Does A Parcel Take Across Russia

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In order to send with a clear conscience any valuable thing by mail, you need to have a good idea of ​​how long it will take to deliver it to the addressee.

How long does a parcel take across Russia
How long does a parcel take across Russia

How long does a parcel take from point to point?

The Russian Post has set deadlines for the delivery of the parcel. They reflect the time it will take on average for a parcel to get from the sender to the point of issue. These figures are usually indicated without taking into account the time it takes to receive the parcel at the points of issue and reception.

If the shipment is carried out using land transport, the parcel must go for the number of days specified in the table of control dates. If direct air transport is used for shipment, parcels should be delivered in the same amount as regular letters and postcards.

In large cities, parcels are exchanged between different postal facilities on a daily basis.

Specific figures

Within large cities and territories connected with administrative centers, the parcel should take no longer than three days. Additionally, the terms are set that are needed to prepare the parcel for delivery and dispatch. It should take no more than a day to receive and prepare a parcel for shipment. At facilities that exchange letters and parcels with main, main routes, parcels delivered by land transport should be processed no longer than eight hours, and parcels delivered by air - no longer than four hours.

Those parcels that are accepted directly at post offices must be sent with the first transport. Parcels are transported between settlements at least three times a week. For hard-to-reach areas of the country, parcels can be transported much less frequently, depending on the circumstances.

Unfortunately, the actual delivery time of the parcel may differ from the target dates upwards.

From the administrative center to the center of the municipal district, according to the standards, the parcel should take no more than four days. If further delivery is required from this municipal center to the settlement, which is located on its territory, it should also not take more than four days. Thus, in order to calculate how long a particular parcel will have to travel, you need to take into account all stages of the route and add up the deadlines.

Already in seventy-seven regions of Russia there is a system that allows customers to track mailings at all stages by the control number of the cargo. Moreover, this system allows you to track not only domestic shipments, but also international ones. This allows you to adequately assess the approximate delivery times, which often differ from the standards.

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