How To Return Goods Of Inadequate Quality

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How To Return Goods Of Inadequate Quality
How To Return Goods Of Inadequate Quality
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Even when buying a product in a trusted store, there is a risk that it may turn out to be of poor quality. In this case, the state is on the side of the consumer, leaving him the opportunity to exchange such a purchase.

How to return goods of inadequate quality
How to return goods of inadequate quality


Step 1

If possible, find the specific defect in your product. Please note that products with a warranty period can only be returned before the expiration date.

Step 2

Come to the store with the product, its original packaging (if any) and a receipt. In the absence of a receipt, it will be more difficult to prove the purchase, for example, it may be necessary to involve witnesses. Also, this financial document can be replaced, for example, by a warranty card indicating the place of purchase of the goods.

Step 3

Tell the seller what you want. You can demand a refund for a defective product or its exchange for a similar one. Please note that when exchanging goods, supporting documents must be received, for example, a new check. This is necessary if the second copy of the product turns out to be of poor quality and it becomes necessary to return it.

Step 4

If the seller refuses to fulfill your desire, ask him to invite a manager or director. Oftentimes, purchase returns are easier to resolve at the management level.

Step 5

If none of the store employees agree with your arguments and the money is not returned to you, contact the consumer protection service. There you will be helped to draw up a complaint about the specified store and will tell you which government agency it needs to be transferred to. If this method does not work, go to court. If you are legally literate enough, you will be able to represent yourself, otherwise you will have to spend money on a lawyer. Also, be prepared for the fact that you will have to carry out an examination of a low-quality product at your own expense. But in case of your victory, the cost of the work of experts and other legal costs will have to be paid by the store. Also, in addition to the cost of the goods, you can try to collect money for moral damages. The probability of receiving them is small, but there is, although the amounts are often very modest, if we are not talking about the real harm that the use of a low-quality product brought you.

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