Where Analogues Of Hyde Park Will Appear In Moscow

Where Analogues Of Hyde Park Will Appear In Moscow
Where Analogues Of Hyde Park Will Appear In Moscow

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The world experience of democratic transformations includes many examples. Somehow it turns out that Russia has to "inculcate" foreign traditions that have evolved over many years on the domestic soil. This is also the case with the initiative of the Moscow authorities related to the choice of a place for political speeches - an analogue of English Hyde Park.

Where analogues of Hyde Park will appear in Moscow
Where analogues of Hyde Park will appear in Moscow

Transport problems, non-observance of public order, vandal tendencies of the marginal part of the "fellow travelers" of various opposition political movements have caused discontent among many residents of Moscow. Wanting to protect moderately politicized people from negativity, who want to live in peace and not suffer from manifestations of political views and sympathies that often border on fanaticism, the Moscow authorities decided to act by analogy with London realities.

The choice was initially offered 4 green spaces, which have a place for the audience and speakers of meetings and various gatherings. As a result, Luzhniki and Bolotnaya Square were excluded from them, leaving the Sokolniki Park and the V. Gorky. The choice made by the city authorities immediately found admirers and opponents. The latter, however, turned out to be much more.

The main part of the arguments "against" was voiced by the same moderately politicized Muscovites who are used to relaxing in selected parks. First of all, they are worried about the future of lawns and green spaces. Most of them also do not want to coexist with noisy political battles during their usual weekends.

Those who saw a different solution to the problem were also dissatisfied. Among the main disadvantages of the proposed parks, preventing them from growing to the level of the English role model, the first is the distance from the power administrative buildings. In second place is transport accessibility, in third - dimensions that do not meet global objectives.

Nevertheless, the decision was made by the city authorities, and in the "test mode" the Moscow "speaker's corners" will begin to operate in the fall of this year. If the British initiative, transplanted into Russian soil and formed in the same way as in Russian, takes root, they promise to increase the number of places for large-scale political speeches.

Some of the active opponents of the proposed solutions are already proposing to supplement the list with Red Square, which has both a rostrum for speakers and the size and location necessary for global actions next to the Kremlin. The site on the site of the Rossiya Hotel is not lost among the offers. Complete opponents of Hyde Park analogues in Russia are also expressed. Basically, these are those who believe that the English symbol of freedom of political speech today is nothing more than a place for the entertainment of tourists with shocking personalities competing in shouting over each other.

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