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Who Are Graphomaniacs
Who Are Graphomaniacs

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It is believed that a person who writes hard, but lacks talent, is engaged in graphomania. The pseudo-literator has a pathological urge to write and compose works.



The word graphomania comes from two ancient Greek words. The first word (grapho) means to write, draw and depict, and the second (mania) means madness, passion, frenzy, madness.

Graphomania is a morbid addiction and attraction to sterile and intensified writing, to empty and verbose, useless writing. In addition, having absolutely no literary ability, graphomaniacs always strive to publish their artistic opuses in literary publications, and graphomaniacs without scientific knowledge try to publish their pseudoscientific treatises.

In Russian, this word has acquired a negative connotation. Graphomania is something verbose, empty and tasteless. The graphomaniac is popularly called a scribbler, a scribbler.

Let's calculate the graphomaniac

First, the graphomaniac is prolific, writes a lot and takes what he does seriously. He is completely devoid of self-irony, and humor about his work is simply unacceptable.

Secondly, the graphomaniac really likes everything he does. The creative process gives him pleasure. Neither the reaction of readers, nor the comments of critics, nor the reasonable arguments of fellow writers will make him refuse to write. The proposal to fix something causes a storm of indignation among the graphomaniac. In the address of the opponent, he can afford provocative attacks. For example, he can easily make a critical review or artificially underestimate the opponent's work.

Thirdly, graphomaniacs create portals, unite into communities, organize contests, write reviews, exchange impressions. They are always delighted with their opuses and obsessively invite everyone to evaluate their creations, send them to both acquaintances and strangers. The graphomaniac needs PR. The main thing is to be seen and heard.

Graphomaniac Printing

Often the graphomaniac writes either laudatory or vengeful reviews to venerable authors, seeking to attract everyone's attention. He willingly gets involved in a conflict, which he specially supports for months. And it doesn't matter what rating he earns. There are no barriers for the graphomaniac, because he is faced with ambitious goals - to become a famous writer.

Blank works appear in huge numbers both on the shelves of bookstores and on the Internet. Graphomaniacs, not bothering much about quality, give the world their masterpieces. In a word, they love themselves in art, rather than art in themselves.

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