How To Make A Sizing Machine

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How To Make A Sizing Machine
How To Make A Sizing Machine

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The formatting machine is indispensable in the manufacture of cabinet furniture. If you love and know how to make cabinet furniture with your own hands, you will definitely need this device. By making such a machine yourself, you will save a lot of money. How can you do it?

How to make a sizing machine
How to make a sizing machine


Step 1

For the manufacture of cabinet furniture with your own hands, the quality of the cut of laminated chipboard is extremely important. And it is simply impossible to achieve the desired quality without the use of a special machine. This device is called a panel saw, but it costs quite a lot. If for one reason or another you cannot buy such a machine, then we will tell you about how to make a panel saw with your own hands, because the principle of its operation is quite simple. Manufacturing and consumables will require investments of 6-7 thousand rubles, but the savings from this device will quickly recoup its cost. You will be able to do absolutely all the work on the production of cabinet furniture on your own without helpers.

Step 2

The panel saw is designed for laminated chipboard sheets, which are quite large. Before processing such sheets on a panel saw, you will have to make blanks. To do this, mark the sheet with a pencil, leaving an allowance of 7-8 mm on each side of the part. Cut the sheet with a circular electric saw, and then start processing the workpieces on the machine.

And now about the manufacture of the panel saw itself. You will need a familiar locksmith, several electric motors and pipes. The machine will use two electric motors. The main electric motor should have a power of 3.5 kW and 6000 rpm on the disc, and the scoring disc, which will be located underneath, is driven by an 800 W motor (also 6000 rpm on the disc). Everything should be regulated exclusively by the upper disc.

Step 3

Make the diameters of the discs equal, namely, 250 mm. You can take shafts from old agricultural machines. The length of the machine will be about 280 cm, the height will be about 70 cm.

Step 4

Make a pressure lever on the machine, equip it with rubber seals (they will help to avoid damage to the chipboard). The base of the machine will be two pipes (one-piece drawn, not twisted). It will not be superfluous if you supply the machine with a hood. The machine can be made in a week and used in any garage.

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