How To Identify A Washing Machine Manufacturer

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How To Identify A Washing Machine Manufacturer
How To Identify A Washing Machine Manufacturer

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Technology has stepped forward and now there is no need to spend whole days washing clothes. Our best assistants - washing machines - do it for us. Therefore, when choosing this household appliance, we want it to be reliable, multifunctional and beautiful.

How to identify a washing machine manufacturer
How to identify a washing machine manufacturer


Step 1

So, the most popular and demanded manufacturers of washing machines mark their products with their own logo. Information about them can also be found on the back of the machine, on a special metal plate. However, there are still a lot of brands of washing machines that have their own names that have nothing to do with the name of the manufacturer's company. And therefore, the first thing to do is to look at the technical passport of the car.

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But often the name of the manufacturer does not say anything about the country of manufacture and assembly. It is not a secret for anyone that the largest concern manufacturers of household appliances have factories not only in their home state, but also subsidiaries in other countries with cheap labor and natural resources. Usually, this does not affect the quality of the manufactured products, because world-famous companies strictly monitor their reputation, and the manufacture of household appliances at subsidiaries is controlled, sometimes even stricter.

Step 3

To correctly determine the manufacturer of the washing machine, you need to know the following. The following foreign brands are widely represented on the Russian market today: Italian Ardo and Indesit, Ariston, Candy and Zanussi; Turkish Beko; French Brandt; Swedish Electrolux and Asko; Slovak Gorenje; German Hansa, Bosch, Kaiser, Siemens, Miele; English Hoover; Korean Samsung and LG; American Whirlpool. Of the domestic manufacturers, it should be noted "Atlant", "Vyatka", "Evgo".

Step 4

However, many of these brands are produced by the same company. So the German AEG car, the Swedish Electrolux and Zanussi are produced by the Electrolux concern; Ariston and Indesit produces Merloni Elettrodomestici; Hoover and Candy brands are manufactured by the Italian concern Candy; and Bosch, Siemens and Gagenau are the BoschSiemens concern.

Step 5

Of course, the consumer does not always welcome the manufacture of a German washing machine, for example, in Poland. However, we repeat that the build quality of the washing machine and its technical characteristics depend on the level of the brand and do not depend on the country of assembly.

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