How To Make A Tattoo Machine At Home

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How To Make A Tattoo Machine At Home
How To Make A Tattoo Machine At Home

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Since time immemorial, tattoos have been used by people to show off some part of their biography, to show their belonging to a group or simply to decorate their bodies. And as practice shows, most tattoos are done at home. This does not require any special cunning devices, and you can make tattoos at home from scrap materials.

How to make a tattoo machine at home
How to make a tattoo machine at home


  • - electric motor from a tape recorder or CD drive with a supply voltage of 9 to 12 volts
  • - a tablespoon
  • - a piece of thin steel wire (the most suitable materials are a piece of guitar string or wire made of electric corrugation)
  • - two-component adhesive (Poxipol or similar)
  • - steel case from helium fountain pen
  • - electrical tape
  • - power supply unit with voltage changeable in the range from 0 to 12 volts


Step 1

First of all, use a metal hacksaw to cut the top of the spoon. After that, measure the desired length of your future machine, starting from the narrow end, and bend the spoon at a 90-degree angle. Leave a place for fastening the resulting part on an electric motor, and saw off the rest of the same with a hacksaw. Secure the part to the side of the motor with electrical tape.

Step 2

Saw the body from the helium pen in such a way that one end with the tip of the body slightly protrudes beyond the dimensions of the machine, and has a small gap near the motor. Glue the body with two-component glue. In its absence, you can fix the parts with electrical tape, but then the machine will turn out to be too thick and inconvenient.

Step 3

Put a plastic pulley on the motor and make one hole or several holes in it at different distances from the pulley axis. The depth of the stroke of the tattoo needle depends on this.

Step 4

Measure out a piece of wire that will act as a tattoo needle so that its tip protrudes a few millimeters, and bend the other end and insert it into the hole on the pulley. Sharpen the working end of the wire with sandpaper.

Step 5

Connect the power supply to the motor. When its voltage changes, the speed of the motor will change and, accordingly, the number of strokes of the needle per second.

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