How To Buy A Hang Glider

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How To Buy A Hang Glider
How To Buy A Hang Glider
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Hang glider ads can be found in a variety of print media and on the Internet. Buying a hang glider for many is the beginning of the journey to the sky. Therefore, the purchase of this aircraft should be considered with all seriousness and responsibility.

How to buy a hang glider
How to buy a hang glider


Step 1

Before buying a hang glider, take a flight training course. This can be done at the appropriate club or school on a machine owned by the training organization. Self-acquisition of the necessary skills without knowledge and instructors can lead to disability or more dire consequences. This is what any fall threatens, even from a small height. The clubs and schools have experienced and competent instructors, and strict adherence to safety measures can 100% guarantee the life and health of students.

Step 2

In addition, with proper training, your skill level will quickly rise and will allow you to acquire a more serious apparatus than the one on which the training was conducted. Your instructor, if you manage to establish a good relationship with him, will help you choose a good glider from the ones available on the market.

Step 3

After completing the training, you will already determine your tastes and preferences in hang gliding and you will know exactly what you need from the purchased apparatus. A new hang glider in Russia can be bought only to order or through a dealer of the Ukrainian company "Eros". The range of imported models is much wider.

Step 4

When buying brand new hang gliders, avoid very old designs. Inspect the machine frame for signs of corrosion. Please note: on aluminum elements, corrosion marks appear as white powder on the surface of the part. Corrosion is common on the inner surfaces of pipes and under sleeves. Look especially closely at the ends of the bushings and the area around the rivets - corrosion is unacceptable in these places.

Step 5

Do not buy a hang glider with dents or curvatures in the frame. This is due to the extremely scarce range of spare parts on the market for most devices. In other words, it will be easier to make a copy to replace the console than to find the right part. But this is not an option either - the production of a new part is a laborious and expensive process. For the same reasons, strive to buy those hang gliders that are currently in production.

Step 6

Pay attention to the cables and fenders. Even on almost new hang gliders, twisted fenders, cables and guy lines are not uncommon. Operation of the device with such defects leads to the rupture of the twisted elements, so they must be replaced immediately.

Step 7

Examine the hang glider's skin. In the presence and with the permission of the seller, press down on the sail with your finger or an eraser. If the water under the influence of your pressure, the fabric lends itself or even pierces, it means that the material is damaged by ultraviolet light and is unsafe for use. Material for creating new skin or patching is extremely difficult to obtain.

Step 8

At the end of your choice, be sure to test the glider in flight. This will ensure that the machine has the performance you expect from it.

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