How To Buy A Forest In

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How To Buy A Forest In
How To Buy A Forest In

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The acquired forest can be used for any purpose, from walking with friends and building your own cottage to establishing production and using forest resources. Before buying a forest, it is important to know the difference between forest and non-forest areas, since it is almost impossible to distinguish them by eye. Forest lands - lands that are covered with forest vegetation or intended for its restoration (burning, felling, wastelands, etc.).

How to buy a forest
How to buy a forest


Step 1

Before purchasing in the forest fund, you need to find out: is this territory recorded in the register of the forest fund and whether this land is forest. If the selected plot is not in the forest fund, then this plot can be registered as property and purchased. If the territory is the property of the state, then it is almost impossible to get this forest.

Step 2

If the forest is assigned to the fund, then it is not subject to sale. In the best case, it can be rented, which allows you to use this territory from a year to 50 years, and in some cases, up to 100 years.

Step 3

You can try to transfer the land to a different category, and then purchase them, but for this you need to present good reasons that relate to meeting the needs of agriculture, defense, energy, etc. Translation is done very rarely, so the only way out for a private person is to rent.

Step 4

To rent, you must take part in the auction-competition, which can be found out 60 days before its holding. To take part, you need to send an application to the organizer, which contains the necessary information. Documents confirming the payment of the corresponding deposit are attached to it. The auction is won by the participant offering the highest rental rate, and if several rates are equal in this ratio, then the winner is the one who submitted the application earlier than others.

Step 5

Next, a lease agreement is concluded, after which you will have to re-participate in the auction.

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