What Moomin Trolls Look Like

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What Moomin Trolls Look Like
What Moomin Trolls Look Like

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When reading Tove Jansson's tales of Moomin trolls, people usually imagine amazingly cute creatures that inhabit the magical world. Artists depict them in about the same way in cartoons or for the theater, because the writer herself not only described the heroes of the fairy tale, but also painted them.

Moomin trolls and their family
Moomin trolls and their family


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Moomins descend from the scary Scandinavian trolls, but they look very different. They resemble hippos in shape, but much smaller in stature, white in color and walk on two hind legs. They have a silky tassel at the tip of their tail. In addition, they do not have huge teeth and are very good-natured.

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Even before the famous tales of the Moomin trolls appeared, Tove Jansson drew a hippo-like animal as a signature and called it a snork. But he was significantly thinner than the Moomin trolls, and had a long nose, and his ears were more like horns. Over time, this image has evolved.

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The family of the main characters consists of Moomin, his mom and dad. They are all very similar to each other, but mom always carries a bag with all the necessary things (dry socks, candy and medicine), and dad carries a top hat. Behind the stove they have a distant relative of the Moomins, the Brownie, but we only know about his appearance that he does not look like his descendants.

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The closest relatives of the Moomins are snorks. Snork and his sister Freken Snork are friends with the Moomin troll. They are very similar, but the snorks can change color depending on their mood, and their body is covered with light down. Freken Snork is also distinguished by lush bangs and a gold bracelet on the leg.

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Numerous household members live together with the Moomin trolls in the magic valley. The view is also very curious. The sniff looks like a rat, especially with an elongated nose and long tail, but runs on its hind legs. Snusmumrik's appearance is difficult to discern because of his clothes: he wears a shabby green robe and a pointed hat with wide brim, pulled over his eyes. Hemul is much taller than the Moomin trolls, but looks like them with a large head and small ears. Usually wears a dress received from an aunt.

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