How To Behave On A Skating Rink

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How To Behave On A Skating Rink
How To Behave On A Skating Rink
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Ice skating is a great winter fun that children and adults enjoy. But there are certain rules of behavior on the ice that must be adhered to. To make you truly enjoy your vacation, take care of your safety.

How to behave on a skating rink
How to behave on a skating rink


Step 1

Dress properly. Active skating can make you feel hot and can cause colds. Choose clothes that are warm, but at the same time, those in which you do not sweat. Do not wear skirts or dresses, a tracksuit is the best option.

Step 2

Buy skate tickets and rent skates if you don't have your own. The size of the boots should not be too large, otherwise the legs will twist. Lace up your skates as tightly as possible, but make sure that your feet are not too tight.

Step 3

Ride calmly, avoid collisions with other people if possible. If you are tired or your laces are untied, go to the bench. Do not sit directly in the riding area, as you may not be noticed, which can lead to serious injury.

Step 4

Breathe through your nose to avoid colds. As long as the air moves to the lungs through the nasopharynx, it warms up, respectively, the chances of getting sick are much less.

Step 5

If you feel yourself falling, try to land gently on your side. At the moment of the fall, release your friend if you are riding in pairs. If you are injured, inform the rink administration or call an ambulance yourself.

Step 6

Watch out for small children, but rather ride close to them. Explain to the kids how to behave on the rink. Often, children start to play, fuss, which leads to falls.

Step 7

After your time is up, head to the dressing room. If it's freezing outside, and you skated on an indoor skating rink, sit for a while to "cool down", or better go to a cafe and have a snack.

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