How To Behave In Russia If You Are A Guest

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How To Behave In Russia If You Are A Guest
How To Behave In Russia If You Are A Guest

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In recent years, the borders of our country have been open for everyone who wants to come here on vacation or to visit. This opportunity is often used by residents of countries that were previously part of the former USSR. Visitors are not always ready to behave adequately, which becomes the cause of clashes on ethnic grounds.

How to behave in Russia if you are a guest
How to behave in Russia if you are a guest


Step 1

To behave in Russia, if you are a guest, follows the general rules of behavior in society that are accepted in the country. Its population gravitates more towards the European way of life, strives to be like the inhabitants of developed countries in clothing and demeanor. You should not take a free manner of communication and a short skirt of a girl as a signal of her availability.

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In the event that you liked the girl, you should know that she should not at all perceive your attention as a compliment. Therefore, you should not be offended if you were annoying in your attempts to get to know each other. When the first time you do not understand that they do not want to talk to you, you do not need to be offended and offend her, a well-mannered person will apologize and leave, as is customary in Russia.

Step 3

If you lived in a closed area, in a small village or town where everyone knows each other, and the basis of communication is respect, having arrived in a big city, you should not behave defiantly with strangers in another country. A respectful attitude towards women and elderly people is accepted here, just like everywhere else. The fact that these women and elderly people are not familiar to you and will not complain about you to your relatives is not a reason to behave from the position of a strong boor, which only demonstrates your weakness and fear.

Step 4

Even the indigenous inhabitants of Russia are people of different religious convictions, political views, with different life values. The country has long become multinational, and all its citizens are accustomed to treating each other with respect. It is appropriate to demonstrate the features of your mentality or character in the circle of fellow countrymen or family. In public places, you should be friendly and polite.

Step 5

Of course, in Russia there are those "masters" who can behave rudely and defiantly towards others. But you yourself must understand that such antisocial behavior does not paint them and causes rejection. Try to look around and understand how you should behave so that your nationality does not become a reason for nationalistic statements and generalizations.

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