How To Behave In The Army

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How To Behave In The Army
How To Behave In The Army

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The army is undoubtedly a very important stage in the life of every man. Of course, not everyone is destined to get there, but those "lucky ones" who were nevertheless taken away need to know about some rules of conduct that help to more easily endure all the hardships and deprivations of military service.

How to behave in the army
How to behave in the army

You need to start monitoring yourself even before actually being in the army. Try not to drink a lot on the wires, but it is better to give up alcohol altogether.

When leaving for service, do not dress pretentiously. Choose some casual clothing. The well-to-do is not very popular in the army, and this can greatly affect relations with other conscripts.

First time

When you arrive at the unit, try to find friends as soon as possible. It is even better to find a fellow countryman who could help and protect you in unpleasant situations. You shouldn't be proud of your accomplishments, especially if you are a good athlete or know how to play the guitar. "Grandfathers" can arrange tests for you.

The sooner you figure out how the orders are arranged in your unit, the better. Then much less curses and threats will fly to you. If you are chosen from all the newbies to go to the store, then this is a huge plus, since the "grandfathers" began to trust and singled out you as smart.

Do not think that you have been assigned to the role of the errand boy, this is a misconception. The main thing is not to let the "grandfathers" down, then the service will be much easier.

Check your appearance constantly. You can seriously get it for a torn off button, for example. If you see that something is wrong with your friend's appearance, be sure to tell me. In general, help others and be the first to lend a helping hand. In no case do not fall out on other guys with your call.

Try to learn all the statutes as quickly as possible. This will save you unnecessary problems and give you some legal protection.

Useful Tips

If you feel unbearable in the army, you should not lose heart or, moreover, "snitch" on others. This can be the biggest mistake: the attitude of the whole environment towards you will become extremely negative, and further service will become impossible. In this case, it is better to immediately ask to transfer you to another part, but this may not save the situation. At another duty station, you will still be asked why you transferred.

The army does not touch people who know how to defend their honor and dignity. If people cannot stand up for themselves in civilian life, then in the army they have a bad time. Therefore, it is better to prepare in advance for the service, set yourself up for courage, courage and learn self-defense. Of course, hazing has been getting weaker lately, but it still exists.

In the canteen, eat quickly and don't beg for more. They do not like them very much, since no one in the army gorges.

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