How To Ozonize Water

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How To Ozonize Water
How To Ozonize Water
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Ozonation of water is one of the most effective methods of treatment, which allows disinfection of most pollutants of natural and artificial origin. Ozonation is an environmentally friendly procedure characterized by high disinfection efficiency. Ozonation is used for water purification from underground sources and sterilization of waste water, for disinfection of water in swimming pools and disinfection of water intended for bottling.

How to ozonize water
How to ozonize water


Household ozonizer


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Ozone is a strong oxidizing agent. Thanks to this, it effectively fights viruses, bacteria, algae and fungi, as well as their spores. It is believed that even a short-term - for a few seconds - exposure to ozone is sufficient to destroy microorganisms. In addition, ozone removes unpleasant tastes and odors of water, without changing its acidity and without "killing" the substances necessary for the body. When water is ozonized, toxic residues are not formed - ozone is simply converted into oxygen. It is thanks to these properties that ozone is widely used in everyday life.

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Ozonation of water in an industrial environment involves the use of special equipment. For example, the technological scheme of ozonization of water before bottling is implemented in several stages. First, water accumulates in a contact container with a circulation circuit. Then, under high pressure, it is supplied to the injectors, which provide the introduction of ozone. After reaching a certain level of ozone, water flows through ozone-resistant pipelines equipped with signal and stop valves to the bottling line. Residual ozone is decomposed using a catalytic destructor.

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Household ozonizers can be roughly divided into two types. The first type includes ozonizers that do not require additional batteries. They are installed directly on the water tap. A jet of water rotates a three-phase generator, as a result of this effect, oxygen is converted into ozone

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Universal ozonizers are, as a rule, electrical devices that have several types of nozzles and serve not only for water purification, but also for other purposes. To ozonize water, you must turn on the device and place its attachment in a container with water. Set the run time based on the volume of liquid. After the processing time has elapsed, let the water settle for 5-10 minutes.

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