What Is Standing Water

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What Is Standing Water
What Is Standing Water

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Standing Water is a tool for working on feelings, thoughts and body, spiritual practice and women's gymnastics. Another name for this practice is Slavic gymnastics.

What is standing water
What is standing water

Gymnastics to awaken the female essence

This gymnastics is based on the correct execution of keys or movements and elements that help you feel your body and open up your feminine power. The ability to work with these keys and space allows you to enter a state close to trance, in which you can connect to the source of feminine power. The correct state of mind is also very important, as blind repetition of movements without visualization and reflection will not lead to good results.

Standing water is a purely feminine practice. It allows you to understand the principles of building energy ties between the family, clan, and surrounding space. With the help of this gymnastics, you can achieve happiness by getting rid of things and thoughts that prevent a woman from feeling happy.

Fast results

Gymnastics itself brings results after the first lesson. Practicing women begin to feel more free, feel a surge of energy, and body clamps and stiffness disappear. Regular execution of keys rejuvenates the body, improves posture. Along the way, it can relieve chronic pain, for example, headaches. In some cases, this gymnastics helps to get pregnant quickly, if, of course, there is such a goal. Followers of the system believe that "Standing water" normalizes hormones, which can be very important in the modern world.

In a more general sense, "Standing water" harmonizes the emotional state, gives strength, simplifies everyday life. This practice improves family relations, since during the practice a woman can open a kind of Bereginya in herself, which will allow her to reconsider her attitude to family ties and the atmosphere in a narrow circle of close people.

A practical look at Slavic gymnastics

"Standing water" can be called Slavic yoga for women. Despite the fact that many practitioners emphasize the spiritual, uplifting component, the practical benefits of this gymnastics are great. Most of the key movements are aimed at developing the muscles most affected by sedentary lifestyles. Their tone increases significantly with regular exercise, while the entire set of exercises takes no more than fifteen to twenty minutes. There are twenty seven keys in the system. They are often perceived as part of an intricate dance.

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