How To Purify Water With Activated Carbon

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How To Purify Water With Activated Carbon
How To Purify Water With Activated Carbon

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Various components can be used as a sorbent for purifying tap water, for example, sludge, active resins or sawdust. But the most widespread is a more affordable and effective method of cleaning using activated carbon.

How to purify water with activated carbon
How to purify water with activated carbon

Why Purify Water

The human body is made up mostly of water, but the internal fluid is constantly excreted in urine and sweat. If you do not replenish the reserves of this fluid, then dehydration can occur, which, in turn, will lead to disturbances in the internal systems and organs.

A healthy person needs up to two liters of fluid daily, but this water must be of very high quality and clean. The water that is sold in stores in bottles of different volumes is quite expensive, and not everyone can afford such expenses. All that remains is to use tap water for drinking and cooking. But here one very big problem arises related to the quality of the liquid flowing from the tap. And it, as you know, contains not only chlorine compounds, but also salts of heavy metals, all kinds of pollution, very dangerous impurities that gradually accumulate in the body and can greatly worsen health. At the same time, the classical method of purifying unfiltered tap water is considered ineffective. Therefore, one thing remains - the purification of this liquid in a more effective way - by sorption.

Benefits of water purification with activated carbon

This sorbent is used the most for filtration due to its many advantages:

- it is completely safe for human health, non-toxic and non-toxic;

- perfectly crumbles into small fractions.

Activated carbon filters are used to purify water from various organic compounds, ferric iron, clay suspensions, algae, active chlorine, viruses and bacteria. In addition, unpleasant odors and tastes can be eliminated with activated carbon filters.

How to purify tap water with activated carbon?

You can, of course, purchase a ready-made filter, but they are not sold everywhere. However, you can make your own filter based on this sorbent, especially since activated carbon is available in all pharmacies. To create a filter, you need gauze and a few activated carbon tablets. These tablets should be placed in cheesecloth, pre-folded several times. After that, tap water intended for drinking must be poured into a container, and gauze with activated charcoal tablets should be placed there for twelve hours. However, it is not recommended to place filtered water in a very warm room, since pathogenic bacteria will begin to multiply in a coal environment.

If everything was done correctly, the water will be cleansed in twelve hours, and after that it can be drunk.

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