How To Learn Rifle Shooting

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How To Learn Rifle Shooting
How To Learn Rifle Shooting

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Shooting comes through long training sessions. The rifle must be held with both hands and additionally supported by the shoulder. It is better to train in the shooting range, under the guidance of an experienced instructor who will show you how to handle weapons and where and how to aim.

How to learn rifle shooting
How to learn rifle shooting


  • - shooting gallery;
  • - the instructor;
  • - rifle.


Step 1

To hone their skills, practice shooting is usually carried out in a shooting range, learning from the masters. First of all, learn how to hold and raise the rifle, as in everyday life you will often have to sharply raise and drive it towards a live target. An experienced shooter throws up the weapon in one light movement, without turning the body 180 degrees.

Step 2

To refine the leading eye, put your hand forward with your thumb raised, close one eye, and look at the finger with the other. Then close the other eye. The one that displaces the finger least of all is optimal for aiming, that is, the leading one.

Step 3

An important place in shooting is given to the correct support of the rifle. You need to raise the butt to the cheek, resting it on the shoulder, and aim with your hand on the handle. Please note that your hand must lie on the handle in such a way that you cannot accidentally hit the trigger, otherwise an uncontrolled shot is possible. Press the trigger itself gently, preferably holding your breath.

Step 4

It is recommended to learn to shoot at moving targets at a decent distance. Newbies for shooting practice are better off buying inexpensive weapons. Keep in mind that the shooter's brain is able to efficiently process shots for no more than 2.5-3 hours. For one workout, it is advised to shoot 150-200 targets.

Step 5

When preparing to shoot, choose the position in which you plan to fire - prone, kneeling or standing. The most comfortable position is the prone position: it provides the best stability and immobility for the archer and the weapon. When shooting, do not forget about the position of the stock, it must be pressed against the shoulder. Otherwise, you will face a bruised shoulder and a high probability of a miss. Do not put your cheek against the butt, or the strong kickback may cause you severe injury.

Step 6

Please note that the shooter's breath affects the accuracy of the shooting. It provides a significant swing of the weapon vertically and horizontally. Therefore, it is advisable to hold your breath during the shot. To do this, take a breath before descending, and then exhale incompletely and hold your breath for 7-10 seconds. During this time, aim and gently pull the trigger. A sharp pull on the trigger will knock down the aiming and the bullet will fly with a large deflection.

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