How To Get A License For Elk Shooting

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How To Get A License For Elk Shooting
How To Get A License For Elk Shooting

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Moose hunting enthusiasts pursue various reasons - from harvesting meat to winning a personal trophy. But for whatever reasons moose hunting is organized, a shooting license must be required.

How to get a license for elk shooting
How to get a license for elk shooting

Where to apply for a license

A license for elk shooting is a form of a certain established form. Organizations for obtaining documents for shooting differ depending on the region. But most often the formalities can be settled in the Rosselkhoznadzor or in its territorial branches, which are located in the very places of the proposed hunting. As a rule, these are nature reserves or hunting grounds, which are protected by the state.

In order to obtain a license to shoot moose on public lands, you should contact your local authorities. If the territory belongs to a legal entity or is in a long-term lease, then this document is issued by the legal entity.

As a rule, a hunter can only get a one-time permit. A long-term license for the production of animals that are classified as hunting facilities is issued only to legal entities.

Documents for obtaining a license

To obtain a license, you must have a complete package of documents with you, otherwise the process may be delayed. You must first pay a state fee, and when applying for a shooting permit, attach a receipt confirming the fact of payment.

You will also have to write an application, and certain deadlines are allocated for its submission. You can find out more precisely about them by first contacting the licensing authorities. As for the application, unlike other documents, it can be sent by e-mail.

It is imperative to provide a copy of an identity document, which must be notarized. It can be a passport or other document. You also need to attach a certified copy of the certificate confirming the right to carry out hunting activities. It is advisable to enlist the support of fellow hunters in the form of a letter of recommendation from the hunting club.

The license clearly indicates the boundaries of the territory where hunting will be carried out, and the period during which it is allowed. The specific type of animals to be shot and their permissible age are also indicated. Any citizen of the Russian Federation who has a permit to carry and store hunting firearms and a valid hunting ticket can obtain a license.

The license is issued individually, its transfer to a third party is prohibited. When going hunting, you must have it with you.

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