Hunting Rifle MC 20-01: Characteristics

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Hunting Rifle MC 20-01: Characteristics
Hunting Rifle MC 20-01: Characteristics

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Hunting rifle MC 20-01 is a universal, small-bore, easy-to-use model. Great for beginner hunters and professional shooters. It perfectly combines low price and good quality.

Hunting rifle MC 20-01: characteristics
Hunting rifle MC 20-01: characteristics

The MTs-20-01 shotgun is a smooth-bore carbine designed for amateur and professional hunting. It is very popular because it is inexpensive, lightweight, and reliable. And the presence of a quick-release magazine makes this gun more convenient when shooting.

The history of the creation of the MTs-20-01 hunting rifle

Until 1971, the MTs-20 smoothbore carbine was produced at the Tula Arms Plant. And the improved model of the MTs-20-01 gun has been on the production line since 1979. This model has retained its popularity to this day. Despite the huge selection of weapons, hunters prefer it for several important reasons: it has a very convenient design, has versatility, has a low weight and a variety of calibers.

In 1990, the Tula Arms Plant decided to further improve the model and released a whole series of modernized modifications: MC-20-08, MC-20-09 and MC-20-04. These weapons have a more durable body, therefore, they are much more expensive than the MC-20-01. Nevertheless, it can be found quite often in hunting rifle shops.

Characteristics of the MTs-20-01 hunting rifle

MTs-20-01 is a multiple-charge shotgun with a detachable magazine, with mechanical reloading, operating by means of a sliding bolt. The total length of the gun is 1150 mm, the barrel length is 620 mm, and the line of sight is 600 mm. Depending on the caliber, the weight can reach up to 2, 80 kg. The hook pressure is less than 2 kg.

For shooting, cartridges of 20, 28, 32 caliber are used, depending on the length of the chamber. On the barrels of the MTs-20-01 rifles there is a constant dual constriction. The usual design for hunting models: the receiver is made of steel, the symmetrical arrangement of the bolt lugs, there is a bolt insert, a cocking indicator.

The barrel must be chrome plated, and you can disassemble the shutter without additional tools. As a rule, the stock is made of Karelian birch, rarely from European beech and is reinforced with a screw. The set includes two double stores with a kind of fixation. This model has two hunting swivels with screws.

Mainly they use MC-20-01 for hunting big game. It shows excellent results when shooting at a distance of 40-50 meters. It is also characterized by shot accuracy and good accuracy regardless of the type of charge at a distance of 110 meters. Possesses excellent combat as a shot and a bullet.

The MTs-20-01 remains one of the most beloved hunting weapons in Russia.

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