Feng Shui Flowers As A Means Of Attracting Wealth

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Feng Shui Flowers As A Means Of Attracting Wealth
Feng Shui Flowers As A Means Of Attracting Wealth

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In the teachings of Feng Shui, flowers are very important. They have a strong energy, sometimes positive, sometimes heavy, which they generously share with others. In some cases, the energy of the plant can act as a means of attracting wealth.

Feng Shui flowers as a means of attracting wealth
Feng Shui flowers as a means of attracting wealth

What feng shui flowers attract wealth

The most popular plant for attracting wealth is the fatty money tree. The fleshy and round leaves of this flower symbolize coins. It is believed that in a house where the fat woman grows well and constantly gives new shoots, money is always found. If you want to have a money tree that will increase wealth, get a small shoot and grow it yourself - the flower will feel comfortable and give you its positive energy.

Feng Shui recommends financial geniuses to start a bunegville. This plant is associated with the power and energy of money, it gives the owners good luck in investing capital, helps to attract investments, expand business. And if you hang a sword next to a flower, this talisman will contribute to your triumph over all competitors. However, remember that bunegvillea only favors hardworking people.

Bamboo also contributes to the growth of prosperity. It is also advisable to plant it yourself by placing a few coins in a pot of earth. And when the bamboo grows up, it needs to be decorated with a red ribbon and coins. This plant is very fond of light, so you need to put a flower near the window, and if this is not possible, create good artificial lighting. Bamboo also has another very useful property - it is able to turn negative energy into positive.

According to the teachings of Feng Shui, many plants with round leaves are responsible for financial well-being. But one of the strongest talismans for family wealth is geranium with red flowers. In addition, this plant enhances the strong-willed qualities of the owners, hardens character, helps to reduce aggressiveness and develop a sense of humor. Geranium is very fond of light and moisture, but it is not worth overmoistening it, because sensitive roots quickly rot.

To always have prosperity in the house, it is important not only to earn a lot, but also to manage money correctly. In this, the owners will be helped by the fern, which can protect against unplanned and unnecessary expenses. And this plant also helps to create a friendly atmosphere in the house. The fern pot is best placed in the shade and it is very good if there is a source of moisture nearby, for example, a fountain, which is very appropriate in an area of ​​wealth.

How to use plants to attract wealth

The Feng Shui wealth zone is located in the southeastern sector of the apartment. Plants that contribute to financial well-being should be placed in this area. In addition, live money talismans have a positive effect on a person's workplace - in an office, in a store.

A talisman plant gives its beneficial energy only if it is healthy, well-groomed and does not suffer from a lack or excess of light and moisture. In addition, flowers are very sensitive to the mood of their owners and always feel their dislike. Therefore, grow at home only such a living talisman to which you are disposed.

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