How To Repair A Boat Motor

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How To Repair A Boat Motor
How To Repair A Boat Motor
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Repairing a boat motor is not cheap even if you do all the work yourself, but it is still more profitable than buying a new unit. If the motor is very complex and you have no experience in repair work, please use the assistance of technical support. For experienced people, self-repair of medium and simple engines is quite affordable.

How to repair a boat motor
How to repair a boat motor

It is necessary

  • - manual;
  • - set of tools;
  • - spare parts;
  • - sandpaper;
  • - water-repellent grease


Step 1

Read the operation and repair manual carefully. If possible, consult specialized literature on repairing your motor brand and model. Try to find the maximum amount of information on the problem you are interested in. Deep knowledge is the basis for high-quality and professional repairs.

Step 2

Remove the motor. Unscrew all the bolts on its body and remove the body. Remove the spark plug. Disconnect the wires, mark if necessary and put them in a safe place. Remove the instrument panel. After unscrewing the bolts, remove the cylinder with the piston. Detach the carburetor. Disconnect the bottom of the housing under the drive shaft and remove the drive shaft. Separate the impeller from it. Remove the water pump.

Step 3

Check each detail with its description in the instruction manual, carefully studying the photographs and drawings provided in it. This will help identify missing or broken engine components. Be sure to record all results on paper. Mark deeply rusted parts as broken.

Step 4

Purchase the necessary spare parts according to the resulting list. At the same time, strive to buy quality components from trusted stores or from authorized dealers. Parts for rare or outdated motors can be found on the Internet. Also try to replace the missing parts with analogs, consulting on this issue with specialists.

Step 5

Surface rusty parts should be cleaned with sandpaper. When processing parts, try to remove all traces of corrosion while sanding the surfaces. Use chemicals to remove and prevent rust.

Step 6

Reassemble the motor in the reverse order of disassembly. Attach the water pump, the impeller to the drive shaft, and the shaft to the bottom of the housing. Pre-lubricate the shaft of the drive shaft with water-repellent grease. Install the carburetor, the cylinder with the piston, insert the wires into the connectors. Install the dashboard and screw in the spark plug.

Step 7

Start the repaired motor and check its operation in all modes. Repeat repair operations if necessary. If you feel that you do not have enough knowledge and strength to do everything yourself, do not hesitate to contact the specialists.

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