How To Refill A Stamp

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How To Refill A Stamp
How To Refill A Stamp

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Fillable printing is very easy to use, but requires proper maintenance. The stamp pad dries gradually after each use. Any stamp must be replenished with ink. Special ink pads are available commercially. You can refill the stamp with ink yourself. However, the methods for refilling stamps with ink may differ slightly depending on the make and model.

How to refill a stamp
How to refill a stamp


Step 1

To replenish the stamp with ink, first press about 1 cm on the top of the stamp. Click on the two buttons located on the side of the stamp. Buttons can be round or square, and also stand out in a different color from the entire stamp. When pressed, the stamp should release easily. Pull it with your fingers if necessary. Press down gently on the stamp pad. Push it to one side, if you can't pull it out, push it to the other side.

Step 2

The stamp pad is located at the buttons. Pull out the ink pad completely and place it on a flat surface, protecting it from staining with a sheet of paper. Moisten the stamp pad with blueberries. Ten drops are enough. Place the stamp pad back on the stamp. Then you should press on the stamp until the hold buttons snap into place. The stamp pad must fit up to the indicated blocking line. Then slide the latch to secure the pillow. This lock is located on one side of the stamp.

Step 3

On some die models, the locking line and lock may be highlighted in a different color. In this case, pull the stamp pad until it clicks. The pad itself also differs in color, making it much easier to find.

Step 4

For ease of removal, on some models, a circular finger slot is located at the bottom of the dies. Place 10 drops of ink in each of the sump, that is, in the circular areas at each end of the stamp. Feel the sump nozzles to make sure there is sufficient and equal amount of ink in each area. In case of overfilling, wipe off the excess with a damp cloth. Press down on the stamp pad to place it back.

Step 5

After refilling any stamp model, wait 15 minutes before making the stamps. After the specified time has passed, make a test print on a plain sheet to check the quality of the refills.

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