How To Copy A Stamp

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How To Copy A Stamp
How To Copy A Stamp

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If you find yourself in a situation where you urgently need a print print that is not at hand, you can make a high-quality copy, provided that you have a scanner, a color printer and some Photoshop skills.

How to copy a stamp
How to copy a stamp


Original print print on any document, scanner, color printer, Photoshop


Step 1

To get a good print copy, take a document with the original print and use the scanner to make a digital copy at the maximum resolution.

Step 2

Open the resulting image in Photoshop, cut out the stamped fragment with the Crop Tool and clear the background from the text under the print with the Clone Stamp Tool. You should have a clear, high-resolution print copy.

Step 3

Now create a new image with dimensions no less than what you already have, choosing a transparent matte as the background. To do this, press Ctrl + N and select Transparent in the Background Contents field.

Step 4

Select the stamp with the Magic Wand Tool. To do this, click on the background with the tool and then invert the selection by right-clicking and choosing Select inverse.

Step 5

Take the Move tool and drag the selected stamp onto a new image with a transparent background. Merge the layers by pressing Ctrl + Shift + E and save the resulting result in

Step 6

Open a Word document and paste the saved stamp in the desired location. Adjust the approximate print size and print a test page. Check the original print size, then adjust the print size again and print another test page. Adjust the print size until you achieve an exact copy. An accuracy check is best determined by superimposing a copy on the original and pointing the sheets towards a light source.

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