How To Become A Demon

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How To Become A Demon
How To Become A Demon

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To become a demon, you need to watch the American television series Supernatural and follow the local instructions. Of course, this is a joke. It is not necessary to watch the series for these purposes. Here, something else is important. A demon is not a creature, a demon is a state of a person's soul.

You don't have to watch mystical movies to become a demon
You don't have to watch mystical movies to become a demon

While exorcism is actively practiced all over the world, i.e. the expulsion of demons from a person, some people, on the contrary, light up with a completely incomprehensible desire to turn into demons. Of course, human life is not an American television series about demons, and therefore it is simply impossible to turn into them as it is shown on the screen. Therefore, people who are obsessed with such crazy ideas should still go down to earth and think soberly.

How to become a demon?

Becoming a demon in modern times is not difficult at all. To do this, a person needs to lose his human appearance: to lose all his moral foundation, to be convinced of an egoist, to ignore the opinions of other people, despising him. You need to rise above others, treat everyone with pity and contempt. In addition, you need to be able to subordinate to your will the weak in character of people.

Moreover, you need to be able to control yourself, not paying attention to insults from others, you need to carefully monitor your actions, thinking over your every step. A real person-demon should always and on everything have his own point of view, which is noticeably different from the ordinary one.

From the point of view of psychiatry, "demons" are in every person. They go outside at a certain time and at a certain hour. It is then that a person becomes uncontrollable, dangerous and inhuman!

To become a demon, you need to learn some non-standard nuances for a lost person: to restrain your lustful impulses, and also to "quit" with excessive use of despicable products (alcohol, sweets).

It is curious that a person who wants to become a demon does not have to rob, kill and engage in violence. Do not confuse demonism and modern fascism.

There is an opinion that demonic forces come only to those in whom real hatred and ruthless contempt for all living things live! Unfortunately, in the modern world, such a personal and qualitative characteristic a priori suits many people even without special skills.

One of the comic ways of gaining demonic power is as follows: through a medium, call a real demon, and then conclude a contract with him for a desire that cannot be fulfilled. When the demon refuses these services, you need to demand a "penalty" in the form of gaining demonic powers. If the demon is law-abiding, then he will certainly fulfill the desire of his counterpart.

Some are sure that it is possible to become a real demon only after death, having entered purgatory. Allegedly, there are creators of spiritual destinies, who determine their future - who to be “crowned” as demons, and who to “put in the pan”.

Exorcism and demonism

You can try to study the so-called exorcism - the science of driving out spirits, ghosts and, of course, demons. That's just not for the purpose of expelling evil spirits, but on the contrary - to settle it in your soul! In other words, you can try to influence demonic forces in order to catch the demon in yourself. Some jokers generally urge to first become an angel, and then "fall" from heaven, turning into a demon.

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