How A Demon Possesses A Person

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How A Demon Possesses A Person
How A Demon Possesses A Person

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Probably unpleasant when another entity takes over your body. And it is doubly unpleasant if this essence is evil, in other words - a demon. To prevent this nuisance, you need to know how the demon gets into the human body.

How a demon possesses a person
How a demon possesses a person

Religious interpretation

Before taking possession of a person, demons prepare the "ground". They cannot settle in a person with a pure soul, therefore they inspire sinful thoughts. But demons inspire people with their thoughts so that they do not notice this suggestion. Demons attach their thoughts to the thoughts of people, so that it is not noticeable how sinful thoughts penetrate into human consciousness.

Gradually, sinful thoughts take over the mind of a person. Using this, the demon can subjugate the will of the latter, enter his body and control it. Such people are called possessed, possessed or zombified.

A demon can take over not only a sinner. Sometimes the Lord permits the demon to take possession of a churchly, sincerely believing person.

Signs of obsession

Many books have been written about the possessed, and more films have been made. As follows from the above, the religious interpretation of possession looks like a demon's submission to a person's will.

The possessed person changes very much both externally and internally. He may have fits of rage and seizures. Possessed people often contemplate suicide, and even more often - about murder. They can speak on behalf of the person who took possession of their body, even in an unfamiliar language.

Another sign of obsession is rejection of Christian symbolism. But in this case, we can talk about mental disorders, rather than about the fact of external interference. After all, Muslims also do not accept Christian symbols, but this does not indicate their obsession.

In Islam, a sign of possession is considered immoral behavior, hallucinations, mental abnormalities and frequent loss of consciousness. True, Muslims are not possessed by demons, but by jinn or shaitans, which is the same thing.

Religions or cults may be different, but in any of them the introduction of a hostile entity into a person is accompanied by similar symptoms. The possessed not only suffers himself, but also causes suffering to others. The possession of a demon has a destructive effect on its host. At the same time, the essence does not physically eat the body from the inside - it feeds on the energy of this body.

How to cast out a demon

The phenomenon of the invasion of a hostile entity was known long before the advent of Christianity. The priests, and then the priests, tried to fight these entities with the help of rituals, spells and prayers. True, as the practice of the inquisitors has shown, there is nothing more effective than the physical destruction of the carrier.

Actually, the demons needed the physical suffering of the victim - and they received it. When the inquisitors first tortured and then burned the body alive at the stake, the demon received so much energy that he only had to leave the host's body just before his death.

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