How To Write A Lettering On A T-shirt

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How To Write A Lettering On A T-shirt
How To Write A Lettering On A T-shirt

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A T-shirt with an original inscription can become a memorable gift. This will help emphasize the individuality of both you and the person who will receive the gift. In order to apply an image to clothes, it is not necessary to contact a specialist, you can do it yourself.

How to write a lettering on a T-shirt
How to write a lettering on a T-shirt

It is necessary

  • - White T-shirt;
  • - transfer paper;
  • - jet printer;
  • - marker;
  • - iron.


Step 1

Get a white T-shirt. The image will be clearly visible on it. It is best to opt for a cotton jersey. The fabric should not be too thin, otherwise, the picture may not be clear enough. Decide where you want the lettering to go and what dimensions it should be.

Step 2

Select the lettering you want to transfer to the shirt. Make sure the size and quality of the picture matches your wishes. If you did not find a ready-made inscription on the Internet, then create it in any text editor. Do not forget that you need to print a mirror image, otherwise the inscription will not be readable after being applied to the T-shirt.

Step 3

Use an inkjet printer. Place the tissue transfer film (transfer paper) in the paper feeder. You can buy it at most computer stores. Place it with the smooth side up. Print out the pre-prepared label. Make sure all letters are printed on it. Otherwise, an unpleasant situation may arise and the shirt will be damaged. Wait half an hour for the ink on the transfer paper to dry.

Step 4

Iron your shirt. Then place a piece of cardboard or a folded pillowcase underneath it so that the image doesn't print right through and stain the other side of the T-shirt. Then place the transfer paper face down on the part of the shirt you have chosen to label. Iron for 1.5 minutes. hot iron. Then, with a firm, but not abrupt movement, remove the protective film.

Step 5

If you do not have a color printer, then color the inscription yourself. Make sure the backing of the shirt is securely protected by a pillowcase or cardboard. Take a fabric marker and lightly paint over the letters. After the inscription is ready, iron the image again, after putting a protective film or tracing paper on it.

Step 6

Wash printed T-shirts in the Delicate cycle. This will help to extend its life and maintain the brightness of the pattern. As a rule, in this mode, the image does not fade and withstands 10 washes.

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