How To Write An Address On An Envelope

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How To Write An Address On An Envelope
How To Write An Address On An Envelope
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Although the epistolary genre, the ability to write letters, is gradually being forgotten, ordinary postal communication remains relevant in business correspondence. You should be able not only to write the address on the envelope, but also on any other postal item - parcel post, parcel. A correctly written address is a guarantee of timely delivery of your correspondence.

How to write an address on an envelope
How to write an address on an envelope


Step 1

The strict rules established by the Russian Post are not at all a whim. Their implementation will ensure that your letter is processed quickly, directed and delivered to the correct address. Therefore, be careful about filling in the details of the postal item and fill them in the appropriate fields, the content of which is indicated on the envelope.

Step 2

An individual indicates the surname and initials in the "From" and "To" fields, if the recipient or sender is a legal entity, then in these fields write its full or short name.

Step 3

In the "Where" and "From" fields, be sure to indicate the street name, house and apartment numbers, or the post office box used. Then write the name of the settlement, district, republic, krai, oblast or autonomous okrug. If the letter is intended to be sent abroad, write the name of the country where it is sent from and the country to which it needs to be forwarded.

Step 4

The envelopes have a special field in which a code stamp is written - the index of the destination. The numbers that make up it, write in strict accordance with the sample - they are designed to automate the process of sorting correspondence and are read by special equipment and processed by a text recognition program.

Step 5

The address to which you are sending the letter, write in the lower right part of the envelope, the sender's address - in its upper left part. Do not use unnecessary characters and abbreviations when writing the address, it must be clearly and unambiguously read. Try not to make corrections, write legibly and accurately. If you can't boast of calligraphic handwriting, write in block letters. Checkpoints plying through the territory of Russia are signed only in Russian.

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