How To Fold An Envelope

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How To Fold An Envelope
How To Fold An Envelope
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The congratulation in the envelope looks especially solemn and solid. In addition, it is now fashionable to give money, and at the same time no one should see how much you presented to the newlyweds or the hero of the day, because none of the guests should feel awkward. So you can't do without an envelope. In this case, it is better to make an envelope with your own hands and decorate it effectively.

How to fold an envelope
How to fold an envelope

What you need

Everything you need to make an envelope will almost certainly be found in your home. This is a sheet of white or colored paper, glue, scissors and paper with an adhesive layer for decoration. It is best to take PVA glue, it practically leaves no traces and glues paper very well. Envelopes can be rectangular, square, triangular, trapezoidal, or diamond-shaped. The easiest way is to fold a rectangular envelope.

The first way to fold an envelope

If you have a rectangular piece of paper, turn it into a square by cutting off a strip. Bend the square on both diagonals, and then accelerate. You can outline the diagonals with a pencil. Divide each half of the diagonal in half and through this new point draw a line parallel to the second diagonal. Fold the corners along these lines so that all the vertices are on the same side. Bend one of the corners back, this will be the petal that closes the envelope. Place the envelope so that this petal is at the top. Grease the edges of the lower triangle with glue. Press the side triangles against the adhesive strips. You can glue the envelope with strips of paper with a glue layer and colored tape. Nothing prevents you from making, for example, openwork strips of adhesive material. Decorate your piece with the appropriate ornament. It can be flowers, snowflakes, stars, silhouettes of people and animals, and much more.

The second way to fold the envelope

This envelope is made from a rectangular sheet. Place it in front of you, narrow side up. Fold back a strip 2 to 5 cm wide from above. Divide the rest in half and bend. Make 2 identical cuts along the fold line. Fold back the strips on each side to the back. The back side should turn out to be narrower than the front side, so cut off the strips bent on it. Glue the envelope. You can pre-trim the bottom corners of the folded strips and the top petal.

Methods of registration

Patterns from contrasting paper look very good. If you have different colors of paper, you can create geometric or floral designs. A plot drawing, which can be done both with paints and using the applique technique, is also suitable for decorating an envelope. Envelopes with a "window" located on the front or back side look interesting. The window can be rectangular, oval, curly - in a word, whatever. It can be covered with transparent paper (for example, floral) to match, slightly darker or slightly lighter. Instead of paper, you can use cellophane, thin foil, colored film and other materials.

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