What Is The Format Of Whatman Paper

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What Is The Format Of Whatman Paper
What Is The Format Of Whatman Paper

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Whatman paper is used by many people and in almost all areas - from school drawing lessons to professional publishing, but not everyone realizes that it comes in different sizes.

What is the format of whatman paper
What is the format of whatman paper

Whatman paper is also called Whatman paper. This is paper with a weakly expressed texture, with surface gluing, due to which it has a high density. It is very weakly erased and aging, and therefore a rather long-lasting has a presentable appearance. The main, but not the only, area of ​​application is drawing with pencils or watercolors.

History of creation

This miracle paper was first made in the 1750s in England by James Whatman, who was a paper manufacturer. He introduced into widespread consumption a new form for the production of paper, thanks to which the sheets were obtained without traces of the grid, as it was before. James called his creation wove paper. However, in our language, a completely different name has taken root - sheets of sizes from A1 and smaller began to be called Whatman paper, in honor of the inventor. But this is fundamentally wrong, since whatman paper is the technology by which a sheet of paper was made, and not its size.


Whatman paper very quickly found its admirers in the world of watercolor painters. At one time, Gainsborough was very fond of her.

On the territory of Russia, this type of paper became widespread in the second half of the 19th century. It was used to print engravings and lithographs. It was also used to draw various drawings, which were made with pencils, watercolors or ink.

What are the sizes of whatman paper?

The paper made using the Whatman technology is called Ah. Its dimensions are determined according to international standards, due to which it has the same dimensions in all countries.

The size of this paper size is based on a sheet called A0. It has an area equal to one square meter. The formats of the remaining sheets are obtained by dividing it in half with perfect precision.

A-size paper sizes:

1. Size A0 - 841x1189 mm. This is the largest sheet, it is called Whatman sheet in drafting.

2. A1 size - 594x841 mm. This size is achieved by dividing an A0 sheet in half minus 1 mm, which is needed for the cut.

3. Size A2 - 420x594 mm. Traditional newspapers have taken this format as the basis for their pages.

4. A3 size - 297x420mm. The format preferred by tabloid newspapers.

5. A4 size - 210x297 mm. It is the most basic paper size and is used everywhere - in offices, for documents, for printers, etc.

6. Size A5 - 148x210 mm. This size is used primarily for small brochures and other handouts.

7. Size A6 - 105x148 mm. A very uncommon paper size.

As you can see, the habit established in society to call A1 paper - Whatman paper is erroneous. Whatman paper is not a format, but a manufacturing technology, and it is thanks to the wonderful man, James Whatman, that today we are using convenient paper formats that take up most of our work, and for some of our lives.

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