How To Send A Paper Letter

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How To Send A Paper Letter
How To Send A Paper Letter

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With the advent of the Internet, paper letters have practically lost their relevance. However, sometimes you have to use Russian Post to send official or just important correspondence.

The necessary information

First of all, to send a regular paper letter, you need the exact address of the recipient. Most often, it depends on the accuracy of the address how quickly the letter arrives and whether it will reach it at all. Be sure to find out the required postal code, this can be done using the Internet at the full physical address. It is enough to enter the corresponding query into any search engine. Letters are sorted by machines that read the indexes, so if the index is written incorrectly, the letter can go in a completely arbitrary direction.

Carefully check the number of the house and building or building, find out how this data is correctly recorded. In some cases, due to an incorrect recording format, a letter can get lost or just take a very long time.

The number of stamps, the type of envelope, the cost of sending depends on the destination and the type of correspondence.

Types of postal items

Simple letters include postal items that are accepted without receipts and receipts. These include greeting cards, notices, private correspondence. The letter should weigh no more than twenty grams, if it is heavier, you will have to pay extra for every twenty grams of excess weight (stick additional stamps). Plain letters are sent in standard envelopes, the thickness of which cannot be more than five millimeters. According to the rules, a simple letter cannot contain plastic cards, money or valuable documents.

At the post office or on the Internet, you can find out how much it will cost to deliver a letter to the desired settlement, and purchase the required number of stamps. Plain letters can be dropped into regular mailboxes on the street without going to the post office, of course, if you have the right number of stamps.

Various receipts, forms, documents, reports and other papers that require guaranteed delivery must be sent by registered mail. Such correspondence is registered at the post office, after which a receipt is issued to the sender. The letter is handed to the addressee with a receipt. The weight of a registered letter cannot exceed one hundred grams. If it is heavier, it will be classified as a parcel.

If you need the letter to arrive as quickly as possible, send it from the main post office, because from the district offices after sorting all letters in any case are sent there, which takes a certain time.

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