Folk Recipes Against Mosquitoes

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Folk Recipes Against Mosquitoes
Folk Recipes Against Mosquitoes

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Hardy and rapidly multiplying mosquitoes annoy people every summer not only on a country trip or in the country, but also in an ordinary city apartment. The fault is in humid places in parks or squares, a damp basement. To protect yourself from mosquito bites, use proven folk recipes.

Folk recipes against mosquitoes
Folk recipes against mosquitoes

Folk remedies for repelling mosquitoes

Even in ancient times, people used a decoction of wheatgrass roots to scare away not only mosquitoes, but also other blood-sucking insects. Take the root of this weed, rinse under running water to get rid of the earth. Then chop the root and fill it with one and a half liters of boiling water, put on fire and boil. As a result, you should have a light yellow broth. Rinse your hands with it and wash your face. No mosquito dares to approach you.

Deterrent agents also include tobacco smoke, the smell of valerian, as well as smoke from spruce or pine cones, dried juniper needles. Even a large room can be removed from mosquitoes with the help of camphor evaporated over the burner.

Prepare a mosquito repellent decoction before heading out into the countryside. To do this, pour five grams of cloves with a glass of water and boil in a water bath for fifteen minutes. Mix ten drops of clove broth with a tablespoon of cologne, wipe the open areas of the body with the prepared product. You can walk calmly in the forest for a couple of hours, midges and mosquitoes will fly around you.

If you live on the ground floor, plant an elderberry under the windows. Bring fresh branches of the plant into the rooms, the elderberry repels mosquitoes. These blood-sucking insects also do not tolerate the smell of tomato tops and foliage.

The smell of eucalyptus, basil, cloves and anise repels blood-sucking insects. Any of these essential oils can be used to repel mosquitoes. To do this, lubricate the exposed skin with oil. To ward off mosquitoes indoors, moisten a cotton swab with essential oil and place on a windowsill. If you are outdoors, you can add a few drops of oil to the fire.

Tea tree oil is excellent at eliminating puffiness and itching after being bitten by these blood-sucking insects.

If you run out of fumigator fluid, there is no need to run to the store for a new similar purchase. Unscrew the empty bottle and pour the eucalyptus extract into it, insert and turn on the fumigator again. Mosquitoes will rush to retreat from your home.

If bitten by mosquitoes

Mosquito bites cause severe itching, which can be eliminated using folk methods. To do this, dilute half a teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water and wipe the bite site with the prepared solution. You can use a weak solution of potassium permanganate or ammonia, diluted in half with water. Perfectly relieve itching from the bites of blood-sucking insects, slightly crushed leaves of plantain, mint, bird cherry or parsley, applied to the site of mosquito attack.

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