How To Get Up Easily In The Morning: 12 Most Valuable Tips

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How To Get Up Easily In The Morning: 12 Most Valuable Tips
How To Get Up Easily In The Morning: 12 Most Valuable Tips

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The unbearable parting from the pillow every morning takes a lot of energy, and the day begins with irritation and fatigue. But you can get out of a warm bed with joy. "Magic" rules will help you feel much more invigorated even in the early morning.

How to get up easily in the morning: 12 most valuable tips
How to get up easily in the morning: 12 most valuable tips


Step 1

Make it a rule to turn off your TV after 8:00 pm. The blue light of the screen stimulates the nervous system, suppressing the production of the hormone melatonin, which is responsible for sleep and the regulation of circadian rhythms. Falling asleep in front of the TV negatively affects the morning awakening.

Step 2

Work out in the evenings or just go for an evening run. Exercise, especially in the fresh air, is very beneficial for getting adequate sleep. This will allow the body to fall asleep faster and sleep soundly through the night. And in the morning you will wake up and easily get up vigorous and sleepy.


Step 3

Light scented candles in your bedroom for a few minutes before going to bed. Properly chosen essential oils and the warm glow of a candle will soothe and tune the body to sleep. Put out the candles before your head touches the pillow. The light scent will last in the bedroom until the morning and will allow you to get up in a good mood.

Step 4

Remember an important rule, if you want to sleep - go to bed, even if the clock shows 1-2 hours less than your usual bedtime. The body is not in vain giving a signal - in order to be vigorous and fresh the next morning, you need to sleep well. Therefore, an extra hour or two of sleep in the evening cannot be superfluous.

Step 5

To wake up in the morning with pleasant thoughts, do not eat at night, but before bed, think about how you will eat something delicious for breakfast. The morning feeling of a slight hunger, together with the thoughts of the promised treat to yourself, will quickly and in a great mood get you out of bed.

Step 6

Sleep at night with the window open, or at least with the window open. Fresh air that is not oversaturated with carbon dioxide will allow you to get better sleep, and the morning will start with a fresh head and vigorous body.

Step 7

Do not put an alarm clock close at hand, by your bed. Place it on a shelf at the other end of the room, so that to turn off the signal, you would not only have to stretch out your hand, but also stand up to your full height. Better yet, move the alarm to another room if you know you will hear a signal from there in the morning. A few steps around the room will definitely help you wake up and not oversleep for work. Never give in to self-talk to sleep a little more. Get up to turn off the alarm and don't go back to your pillow. You should always start the signal at the same time.


Step 8

Choose a pleasant, but nevertheless cheerful melody as an alarm signal. No harsh or loud sounds that make you want to shut them up immediately. You can purchase special alarm clocks that simulate the sunrise with gentle music.

Step 9

In the morning, while still lying on your pillow, come up with any interesting adventure that awaits you in the afternoon. Even in the most ordinary life, you can imagine something unusual. For example, fantasize that no one will be able to work in the office without you, computers will break down, and colleagues will be sad. Or set big goals for the day, the desire to do a lot will easily get you out of bed.


Step 10

First of all, when you wake up, move around in bed, take a few deep breaths and exhalations. Stretch your fingers, rub your palms, then your ears, so you will improve blood circulation. Stand up, take a few deep breaths. Open the window wide even if it's freezing outside. This will drive away drowsiness and lift your spirits.


Step 11

In the winter in the morning, you need to turn on the light as soon as possible when you wake up and open the blackout curtains in the summer, letting in the sun. Light helps to increase activity, slows down the production of the hormone melatonin, which responds to drowsiness.

Step 12

After getting out of bed, immediately drink a glass of warm water.This simple but effective method will not only help you wake up, but also accelerate the metabolism in the body, prepare the digestive system for eating. You can have breakfast in 15-20 minutes.

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