What Is Most Valuable

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What Is Most Valuable
What Is Most Valuable

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Video: What Is Most Valuable
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What is more expensive? We often ask ourselves this question when we are faced with a choice, or the need to pay. The word "expensive", we have associated with the price: everything has its own price, for no price, dear price, dear life. Maybe this is how we evaluate our energy?

Love at the celebration of life
Love at the celebration of life

A person, to one degree or another, always has a vital potential - energy, both physiological and free. Energy of body, soul and mind, which must be renewed periodically. Nobody will spend it just like that, but to be paid for it. And better money. Then, we, in turn, also pay with the same money for something.


Someone will say: here, it is they that are, the greatest value in life. Yes, sometimes we get money at a high price. Only they are just fulfilling their mission on the way to something more significant. And the price of the money earned is not in how much is written in the face value, but in how much effort was spent on it. There is such an expression - hard money, or easy. Everything connected with them, we also call savings. When savings are over, the energy previously spent on accumulating them is over. But how can we replenish the wasted potential? This is where the question of other values arises.


Lack of free energy leads to disturbances in the physical body of a person. This is the cause of all diseases. For more on this and more, see the film "Spiritual Reality".

We will always renew our physiological potential by eating and resting, and we will earn money again. And where to get free energy from? To feel, to enjoy the little things in life, to be in a healthy spirit, to give a good mood in the company, and just on the street. Sing, play, dance, write poetry.


After all, she really pushes us, sometimes to extraordinary actions that we would never do without loving. Children, for example. Friend, mom, girl or boyfriend. After all, it is because of love for them, we are ready for a lot: to work for the good, to please with something, to protect. This means that people dear to us replenish our potential with free energy. And it's not for nothing that we call them dear. This also includes such abstract concepts as planet, homeland, country, earth.


Only thanks to creativity, humanity now lives, using its results in the civilized world. But in order to create, discover, invent, you need to have a rather non-average energy. In other words, you need inspiration.

Inspiration is a state of elation, but where does it come from? Back to love? But it is not enough for this. Great discoveries, inventions were not made because of love alone. Inspiration is generally a wonderful thing. Only it is surrounded by an aura of mystery and incomprehensibility.


Many live aimlessly, measured lives. Being sure that for some more significant goal you need to make a lot of money, they remain only with their dream.

But a measured existence is not to everyone's liking. Yes, money cannot be a means to an end, it appears on the way to it, as a concomitant attribute.

And when we define our goal, it should answer the question: what do we want from life? What will make our life joyful and happy? This is the only thing that matters.

How to choose your goals, how to find your door to your goal, the unity of soul and mind, inspiration, increased energy - about all this and much more, is presented in the book "Transurfing of Reality" by Vadim Zeland.

And when we, having made up our minds, come to the conclusion that this will make our life a holiday, then it makes sense to use all our energy potential for the intention to do this. And when there is an intention, the dream turns into a goal that will certainly be realized.

Achieving your goal will lead to the fulfillment of all other desires: to have the inspiration to create, do what you love, live for your pleasure and give love to our loved ones. And then, all together, we will begin to understand and appreciate the most precious thing that we can only have. Target? Probably all the same, love is at the celebration of life. Everything else is vanity.

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