How To Get Up Properly In The Morning

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How To Get Up Properly In The Morning
How To Get Up Properly In The Morning

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Sleep is a special state of the body when metabolic processes slow down, the nervous and cardiovascular systems rest, the heart rate decreases and the volume of blood circulating throughout the body decreases. Even the spine shrinks by 3-4 cm during sleep. A sharp morning rise can not only derail the whole day, but also cause serious harm to health.

How to get up properly in the morning
How to get up properly in the morning

Why is a sudden awakening dangerous?

Having caught the alarm clock ringing, the brain sends impulses throughout the body demanding an urgent rise. Having succumbed to panic, the adrenal glands release an overdose of the stress hormone adrenaline, which, in turn, constricts blood vessels and forces the heart to beat at a maximum rate, accelerating the blood. The instantaneous transition from the recumbent position causes the muscles to literally contract into a ball. The joints and the spine, which are in a relaxed state, from a sharp rise each time receive a traumatic axial impact. The consequence of such awakenings can be compression of the intervertebral discs, microfractures, hernias and muscle hemorrhage.

Some of the brain zones do not have time to wake up so quickly and are disoriented. That is why in the morning all the usual actions are performed more slowly and require much more effort. Such morning stress becomes the cause of inhibition, sluggishness, absent-mindedness, drowsiness and bad mood, which will accompany a person throughout the day.

How to make your morning enjoyable

If you start your day right, you may find that the morning is not a bustle and bustle of gathering, but the most productive time of the day. It is much better to sacrifice a few minutes of sleep and wake up a little earlier than stressing the body because of the possibility of being late for work, school or an important meeting. The free time can be devoted to pleasant thoughts, planning the day, reading interesting literature, communicating with loved ones. In addition, getting out of bed, realizing that you do not need to run anywhere, but you can calmly go about your business, which is much more pleasant and easier.

Waking up without an alarm clock, completely trusting your biological clock, does not work out right away and not for everyone, and therefore it makes sense to make friends with him. Do not set sharp loud sounds on the alarm clock. The choice of a melody is a purely individual matter, but it should be liked and evoke positive emotions. It is better when the alarm clock is not a phone, but a clock of some interesting design.

The ideal location for your alarm clock is a few steps from the bed. Then you need to get up to turn it off. But in order not to develop an unconscious habit: I got up, turned it off, went to bed again, it is better to put it in different places every time, changing the height levels at the same time: cabinet, floor, table. You can ask someone to hide the alarm clock, and next to it, and a glass of water. 200 - 300 ml of clean cool water, drunk in one gulp in the morning, can invigorate and wake up no worse than a contrast shower.

And one more thing: movement is life, therefore, when you wake up, you cannot stop. It is necessary to shift from foot to foot, dance, move around the house and prepare a delicious breakfast. If desired, boring exercises can be replaced with energetic dance to your favorite music. But do not be zealous with physical exercises immediately after waking up, you need to give the muscles some time to move from sleep.

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