Calico - What Kind Of Fabric?

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Calico - What Kind Of Fabric?
Calico - What Kind Of Fabric?

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Video: Calico - What Kind Of Fabric?
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Every evening, going to bed, people go to the kingdom of Morpheus along the road lined with moonlight, night clouds, poppy petals … Yes, for sure so! And also - coarse calico, ordinary coarse calico, from which bed linen is made.

Calico - what kind of fabric?
Calico - what kind of fabric?

Coarse calico is a natural cotton fabric, which is currently used in the finished form for the manufacture of bed linen, in the raw (severity) - in furniture, footwear and tailoring as a lining material.

Coarse calico history

Actually, the very word "coarse calico" means a way of weaving threads in the canvas. Such weaving is also called plain weave - the weft and main threads run at an angle of 90 degrees to each other. Therefore, any - both blended and synthetic fabric can be made with coarse calico weaving. But by tradition, coarse calico is called precisely cotton fabric of dense coarse calico weave.

The homeland of coarse calico is the Middle East, in Russia it gained popularity in the 16th century. At first it was mainly a harsh linen fabric, but over time, when manufacturers learned to make a finer and smoother fabric, coarse calico began to be used to make bed and underwear. From the 18th century to the present day, coarse calico is an excellent material for both soldier's underwear and summer outerwear.

But the main use of coarse calico is the manufacture of bed linen. Here this fabric, due to its properties, has no competitors. Initially, the coarse calico and bed linen from it were bleached, the craftswomen themselves decorated the linen according to their taste - with embroidery, woven with lace. But now plain-dyed and printed fabrics have become much more widespread.

Advantages of coarse calico

Coarse calico gained popularity due to its, firstly, low cost, due to the simplicity of manufacture, and secondly - hygienic characteristics. The manufacturing method makes the coarse calico quite dense, it is much stronger than many natural fabrics, also used for the manufacture of linen. Coarse calico perfectly absorbs moisture, but at the same time it allows air to pass through well, caring for it does not require special conditions - it can be easily washed with both natural and synthetic means, it is easy to iron.

Due to its natural composition, coarse calico is ideal for both children and people who are allergic to synthetic materials.

The most remarkable property of coarse calico, in the opinion of all housewives, is its strength. It is extremely resistant to the effects of synthetic detergents, can withstand drying at high speeds, but dries perfectly in the open air. The number of washings that coarse linen can withstand without problems is practically unlimited.

Like any natural linen, calico products can shrink slightly after washing, but they keep their shape extremely reliably. Coarse calico coloring is also reliable - it practically does not fade and does not fade, which is very valuable also because in recent years great importance has been given to the color of the coarse calico and the drawing applied to it.

The appearance of coarse bed linen

Everyone attaches great importance to interior design, and the coloring of bed linen is the most important part of the decoration of the bedroom. And what kind of drawings are not invented by the creators of coarse calico, intended for sewing bed linen! Thanks to their imagination, we have the opportunity to sleep on a flower meadow, in an exotic forest, and in a fairy kingdom.

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