How To Plant Seeds In Peat Tablets

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How To Plant Seeds In Peat Tablets
How To Plant Seeds In Peat Tablets

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Peat, or as they are also called, peat-distilled tablets are used to grow seedlings from seeds. The tablets can also be used for rooting cuttings.

Seedlings of petunia in peat tablets
Seedlings of petunia in peat tablets


Step 1

Such tablets are made from a special peat substrate, to which nutrients and microelements are added in the right proportions, which provide the seeds with comfortable development after germination. They are placed in a fine mesh so that the peat does not crumble after soaking. Therefore, it is very convenient to use peat tablets for germinating seeds. Before planting the seeds, the tablets should be filled with water. Under the influence of moisture, the tablet expands and increases in size in width and height, while turning into a peat cylinder.

Step 2

The tablet is kept in water for about 10 minutes, then the excess moisture is drained. The deepening in the upper part of the tablet is increased, a seed is placed in it and covered with peat on top, lightly tamping. After that, water the tablet as it dries. It is advisable to keep the tablets with the seeds placed in them for germination in a mini-greenhouse or simply in a spacious, glass-covered box. Peat tablets dry out quickly and do not have the ability to retain and retain moisture for a long time, therefore, watering the seeds must be carefully monitored. It is most convenient to pour water into the sump, draining the excess as soon as it stops absorbing. You can not completely drain, a layer of water of about 0.5 - 1 cm at the bottom is a permissible amount.

Step 3

Peat tablets are ideal for growing seeds of plants that cannot tolerate transplanting. It is convenient to grow seeds of expensive plants and capricious flowers in tablets. It is much more convenient to grow unevenly germinating seeds in peat tablets than in general containers. The first sprouted ones can already be taken out from under the film, and the rest will not feel any inconvenience from this. As the seedlings grow, it is necessary to place the tablets with seedlings in larger containers filled with soil. The mesh, which prevents peat from scattering, can not be removed, but experienced gardeners recommend tearing or completely removing it. This is due to the type of plant that is grown in the tablet. The roots of some flowers are very delicate, and even this mesh can serve as a small obstacle to their development.

Step 4

Peat tablets do not have a shelf life provided that the storage conditions are met. They should be stored in places that exclude the ingress of moisture and with an air humidity of no more than 40-60%, at a temperature of 0 to 15 degrees. Peat tablets are available in different sizes and can be customized for each plant. When buying, you should pay attention to whether the tablet is wrapped in a non-woven material that prevents peat from scattering during watering. If there is no such mesh on the tablet, you need to place it in an individual container or not purchase it at all. The meaning of using the tablet in individual conditions for the growth and development of each plant, therefore, you should not plant several seeds in one tablet, unless this is an experimental idea.

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