How To Find A Forgotten Address

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How To Find A Forgotten Address
How To Find A Forgotten Address

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There are often situations when the address of a person with whom you have not communicated for a long time is erased from memory or is lost. Subsequently, you may want to re-establish contact, write a letter to this addressee or visit him personally. In this case, it can sometimes be difficult to find the lost contact information.

How to find a forgotten address
How to find a forgotten address


  • - access to the Internet;
  • - help from mutual acquaintances;
  • - address bureau services.


Step 1

If you have lost the email address of your friend or acquaintance, try to find it on social networks, such as Odnoklassniki, Vkontakte, My World, Twitter, etc.

Step 2

Go through the registration procedure in the network if you are not already a member of it. Then select the option "Search" or "Search for people" and enter in the proposed field the data of the wanted addressee that you know (last name, first name, place of residence, age).

Step 3

Keep in mind that the more accurate and complete the information you enter, the more likely it is to successfully complete your search for a person. In some networks, for example, "My World", it is enough to hover the mouse cursor over the photo of the desired user, and his email address will appear at the bottom of the window.

Step 4

Open your mailbox window. Click the "Outbox" link and carefully study the history of the correspondence you sent earlier. Perhaps you will find the address you need among long-gone letters. If you regularly delete unwanted correspondence, open the "Trash" folder of the e-mail box and view the letters there.

Step 5

Contact your mutual friends, if any, they may have the address you need.

Step 6

If the person whose address you have lost is an official person, check if there is his personal website or the resource of the company in which he works on the Internet. If there is such a site, look in it for information for feedback, perhaps there will be the address you are interested in.

Step 7

Enter the last name and first name of the person whose address you want to find in the search bar of your browser. If he left such data anywhere on the Internet, they will be presented to you.

Step 8

Go to the official website of the educational institution where the desired person studied. In the section "Our graduates" many people leave their contact information, including their addresses.

Step 9

Check your address book entries on your computer, perhaps you entered the correct address there, but forgot about it.

Step 10

Use the address bureau in the region where your friend is believed to live. The request can be made by phone or in person (if possible) by paying a symbolic amount for the services provided.

Step 11

Go to the official website of the program "Wait for me", located at:, register in it and enter the information about the wanted person in the search field.

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