How To Get Away From A Love Spell

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How To Get Away From A Love Spell
How To Get Away From A Love Spell

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Although the love spell refers to witchcraft and black magic, it is used quite often. This allows you to draw attention to your person, to bind a person to yourself. If you have suspicions or even confidence that someone is interfering in your life with the help of magic and infringing on your free will, you need to know how to protect yourself from a love spell.

How to get away from a love spell
How to get away from a love spell

How to define a love spell yourself?

A person can himself feel that there is a love spell on him. The main signs of this magical effect are:

- unexpectedly flared up feelings for the one who made the love spell;

- the feeling that these feelings arose against the will;

- irritability, despondency, bad mood;

- deterioration of the general condition.

You can also conduct a self-test for the presence of a love spell. To do this, take a church candle and some kind of silver jewelry - for example, a ring, chain or pendant. With a candle in your right hand, light it and hold it in front of you at heart level. Hold a silver piece in your left hand.

Close your eyes and try to distract yourself from other thoughts. Wait for about 10 minutes. If you have undergone a love spell, the candle will behave restlessly, shoot, and black sagging may also occur.

To confirm your hunch, you can perform a love spell removal ritual with salt. If it darkens, it means that a love spell has probably been targeted at you.

How to protect yourself from a love spell

So that the love spell is not terrible for you or your partner, it is worth making and charging special protective amulets. They need to be worn on the body or hung in hidden corners of the house. If everything is fine in your family, mutual understanding and love reign, it is better not to demonstrate this to those acquaintances who do not have a family life. After all, a love spell is often done out of envy, out of spite.

If you feel that a love spell is imposed on you, try to remove it. This can be done in several ways.

Option 1. Seek help from the church. It is best to put candles on the patrons of family life - Peter and Fevronia.

Option 2. Contact a professional psychic to cut the energy thread connecting you with the person who made the love spell.

Option 3. With the help of magic. Trying to remove a love spell from yourself on your own, it is not necessary to choose very complicated methods. Even simple methods will do. However, it is important that they are carried out correctly.

How to protect yourself from a love spell using an amulet

One of the most effective ways to protect yourself from a love spell is to use an amulet. You can make it yourself by preparing a comb and 6 candles (5 white and 1 red) for this. The ceremony should be performed on the waning moon, after sunset. At the hour when the sun leaves the sky, place the candles on a flat surface, always clockwise, while the red one should be in the middle.

Light the candles clockwise. Then say a special prayer, then put out the candles counterclockwise. After all these actions, put the candles together with a comb in a piece of cloth and bury it under some dried up tree.

Buy a new comb before dawn the next day. Before using it, say a prayer over it, asking God and the light forces of protection and salvation. Your new hairbrush will become for you a kind of amulet, amulet. It must be carried with you at all times.

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