How To Check If You Have A Love Spell

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How To Check If You Have A Love Spell
How To Check If You Have A Love Spell

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Love spell is an unpleasant magical effect that affects the will and desire of a person. If you feel that something is wrong with you, you have an inexplicable attraction to someone, you need to check if there is a love spell on you.

How to check if you have a love spell
How to check if you have a love spell

Chicken eggs and church candles

There are several ways to do this, the easiest is to use a regular raw egg, it should be as fresh as possible. In addition to the egg, you will need clean water, if possible, use consecrated water. Before diagnosing, hold the egg in your hands, adjusting it to yourself, this takes on average 2-3 minutes. Then take a clean container, fill it with water and break an egg into it. After that, you need to assess his condition. A whole yolk indicates that everything is more or less in order with your energy, the presence of bundles, flakes and white threads around it most often indicates that there is a love spell on you. To confirm this suspicion, leave the container with the egg in a dark place for a day, if during this time the number of bundles and flakes increases, this clearly indicates a magical effect.

You can diagnose with a church candle and silver jewelry. Light a consecrated candle, take it in your right hand and hold it at the level of your heart in the center of the body. Take a silver jewelry in your left hand, then close your eyes and sit in this position for about 10 minutes. A candle in the presence of magical influences of any kind will behave restlessly - smoke, shoot, become covered with black splashes, but if it burns evenly and calmly, there is no love spell on you. Close all windows and doors before starting this procedure to avoid exposure to drafts.

Wax check

For the third method, you will need a large container, a scoop, several liters of spring water and candles (any will do, it is not necessary to use church ones). Pour spring water into a large container, preferably not plastic, and add a little salt, then cut the candles into fairly small pieces so they can be melted easily.

While cutting candles, concentrate on your inner state, try to identify extraneous influences. Then put the wax in a scoop and melt it, you can do this over a candle or stove, just try not to burn yourself. After the wax has completely melted, place the scoop over a container of water and slowly pour the contents into the water. After that, wait a little, concentrate on your feelings. While the wax is solidifying, examine the surface of the water.

If it is clean and does not contain a large amount of small wax plaques, most likely, no magical effects have been made on you. Then take the resulting casting and inspect it carefully. If it is even and smooth on both sides, there is no love spell on you. If you see large growths and roughness, most likely, someone has bewitched you.

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