How To Determine The Origin Of A Product

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How To Determine The Origin Of A Product
How To Determine The Origin Of A Product

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Increasingly, people began to wonder where the goods they use were brought from and where they were manufactured. Be it the eraser in the student's pencil case or the products that we eat every day. Use some simple advice, and you will always be sure of the origin of the thing you bought.

How to determine the origin of a product
How to determine the origin of a product


Step 1

Remember that for each product, the seller must have a certificate of origin issued by government agencies. The buyer always has the right to demand it. If the product meets all safety requirements, then you will be provided with it. More and more often, residents of our country use the imported goods. Items brought from abroad are accompanied by a certificate in Russian.

Step 2

Always pay attention to the barcode. The country code is usually made up of the first three digits. For example, 482 - Ukraine, 590 - Poland, 520 - Greece, 471 - Taiwan.

Step 3

Be sure to ask for certificates of origin for children's toys. Do not save on the health of your baby, it is better to buy a toy made of expensive but environmentally friendly materials than cheap plastic.

Step 4

Illicit goods are increasingly making their way to our counters. Never fall for the unexpectedly low price trick. A real quality product, outside of sales, can only be purchased at the appropriate price. Give preference to domestic manufacturers and those whose quality of goods you will not doubt. Buy from authorized centers.

Step 5

Read the label carefully. Self-respecting manufacturers never make mistakes in spelling the name of the product and its components, write the address in detail, and also, if possible, indicate the GOST, which was observed during the manufacture of the product.

Step 6

When buying food, smell and color are important. Products that do not inspire confidence in you and do not meet your expectations about its quality should be properly inspected and in no case bought for your own safety.

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