How To Determine Product Quality

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How To Determine Product Quality
How To Determine Product Quality
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Often, low-quality products are found on store shelves. Such products can not only spoil the taste of the dish, but also cause serious damage to health. In order not to endanger your health, you need to choose the right products. This can be done easily by knowing the main signs of good and bad quality.

How to determine product quality
How to determine product quality


Step 1

When buying products in their original packaging, carefully read the information from the manufacturer. The packages should contain information about the name of the product, composition, shelf life and storage conditions. See if the goods are stored in the correct conditions in the store.

Step 2

When choosing vegetables and fruits, carefully consider their appearance. The peel should be even, without mechanical damage. There should be no dark spots, mold, traces of insects. Pay attention to the size of vegetables and fruits. Too large fruits may indicate the addition of chemicals during cultivation, too small - about immaturity.

Step 3

Be very careful with your choice of meat and fish. The meat should be light pink or light red. The surface should be smooth, flexible, free of excess moisture and mucus. Press down on the meat with your finger. In high-quality meat, the formed fossa should quickly straighten out, in bad meat, it will remain noticeable. When cutting the meat, a transparent scarlet juice should stand out. The smell of meat should be pleasant.

Step 4

The fish should have clean, even, shiny scales. The mucus should be transparent. Look at your eyes. Fresh fish have clear, clear eyes; spoiled fish have dull, red eyes. Muscle tissue should be tight and elastic. The smell of fish should not be harsh or unpleasant.

Step 5

When buying frozen meat or fish, look for an ice crust. Ice crystals should be transparent. If the ice is pink or red, then the product has already been thawed and frozen again.

Step 6

The quality of the eggs is determined after purchase. Dilute 1 tbsp. l. salt in 500 ml of water. Dip an egg into this solution. A fresh egg will sink, a spoiled one will float.

Step 7

The quality of dairy products can also be determined after purchase. Good quality milk has a fairly thick consistency and white color. Diluted milk is liquid and has a bluish tint.

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