What Is The Deepest Place On Earth

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What Is The Deepest Place On Earth
What Is The Deepest Place On Earth

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The observant minds of mankind are always worried about questions related to science and history, some data are amazing. It is difficult to imagine, but there is a place so deep that its extent covers more than one-sixth of the Earth's radius.

Kola superdeep well: outside view
Kola superdeep well: outside view


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Relative to the earth's surface, the deepest place on the planet is the Kola well, drilled in the 1980s-90s near the town of Zapolyarny, which is located in the Murmansk region. Its purpose was to reach the Mohorovichich line - the boundaries of the earth's crust and deeper layers with different physicochemical properties, to study the junction zone of deep rocks of granite and basalt, as well as general scientific interest associated with the history of ore formation.

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The drilling operation proceeded at an abrupt pace: after a 7-kilometer trouble-free passage of the granite layer, the equipment collided with stratified loose rocks, as a result of which the drill broke off several times, and a new branch had to be made. The loudest accident was the breakage of the column at 12,066 m, after which it was necessary to start again from the 7,000 m mark. Upon reaching the record figure of 12,262 m, a new break occurred, in connection with which it was decided to stop work.

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For many years after the collapse of the USSR, the authorities decided the fate of the Kola project, and in 2008 it was abandoned and mothballed. The working equipment was removed, and the building began to decay: at the moment, 100 million rubles are required to repair it. After restoration, the research center could serve as an institute for teaching deep drilling, but now it serves as a prototype for many computer games.

Collapsing Kola well; conservation hatch
Collapsing Kola well; conservation hatch

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The Kola well is not the longest record holder: it is ahead of other oil fields located at an angle to the earth's surface. And the deepest place where people work is the Witwatersrand near Johannesburg in South Africa. It reaches about 4.5 km and is the only non-export mine in the country for the extraction of gold and uranium.

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A natural depression, to the creation of which no man was involved, is the Mariana Trench, the deepest point of which - the "Challenger Abyss" - is located about 11 km below sea level. If you create its vertical projection, it turns out that it is much higher than Everest. Interestingly, it is not possible to obtain accurate numerical data on the size of the Mariana Trench, and the error, even in the 21st century, is 40 m. This is due to changes in water parameters under such extreme conditions.

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