What Is The Deepest Metro Station In St. Petersburg

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What Is The Deepest Metro Station In St. Petersburg
What Is The Deepest Metro Station In St. Petersburg

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The St. Petersburg Metro (formerly the Leningrad named after V.I.Lenin), the first station of which was opened on November 15, 1955, is itself the deepest transport structure of its kind in the world. Currently, 5 lines and 67 stations operate within the metro station of the Northern Capital. But which one is the deepest?

What is the deepest metro station in St. Petersburg
What is the deepest metro station in St. Petersburg

A little about the metro of St. Petersburg

The total operational length of the St. Petersburg metro is 113.6 kilometers. Of the 67 stations available, 7 are interchange hubs, and 11 are combined with the city's train stations and other railway stations.

The St. Petersburg Metro includes 72 lobbies, 251 underground escalators and 856 turnstiles that control the passage of passengers. If we talk directly about people moving underground using the metro, then, by the end of 2013, the city's transport system in total transported 771.9 million passengers - both Petersburgers and guests of the Northern capital.

The first stage of the metro, then still the city of Leningrad, began operating on November 5, 1955, with the launch of the Kirovsko-Vyborgskaya line, which ran under the Neva River directly to the Vyborg railway station. The second metro line was Moskovsko-Petrogradskaya, opened 6 years after the first from the Park Pobedy station along almost the entire length of Moskovsky Prospekt.

In 2014, the authorities of St. Petersburg have already announced the opening of a new metro station - "Sportivnaya-2".

The deepest metro station in St. Petersburg

The deepest is the 65th station "Admiralteyskaya", which is part of the Frunzensko-Primorskaya metro line of the city and is located between "Sadovaya" and "Sportivnaya".

The Admiralteyskaya was launched on December 28, 2011. Already in 2013, this station was included in the list of those St. Petersburg metro points that were open to passengers even at night.

This station is located in the historical center of the city and in close proximity to the main attractions of the Northern capital. The length of the path on the escalator in "Admiralteyskaya" is 125 meters on the first and then another 30 meters on the second. The straight line, measured not tangentially, is the distance from the station platform to the surface of the earth - 83 meters.

After its opening, Admiralteyskaya took the status of a metro station with the deepest bookmark from Moscow's Victory Park, which had previously held the absolute record for this parameter in Russia.

The interior design of the station is also unique in its own way - in its center there is a magnificent panel on historical themes from the life of the city. It took artists and assemblers over one million small pieces to make it. Alexander Bystrov, head of the mosaic workshop of the Russian Academy of Arts, spoke about the painstaking work of assembling the panel: “It took about 20 people for eight months. And every day”.

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