How To Draw A Floor Plan

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How To Draw A Floor Plan
How To Draw A Floor Plan

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It may be necessary to draw a floor plan when drawing up an evacuation scheme in case of fire or in order to design the arrangement of furniture in your own house or apartment. To do this, you can use many specialized free programs that can be found on the Internet. You can also draw it yourself.

How to draw a floor plan
How to draw a floor plan


Step 1

Regardless of how you draw the floor plan, you will first need to make the necessary measurements. Equip yourself with a tape measure and measure the length and width of each room, the width of all windows and the distance between them. Measure the distance from the nearest corners to the windows, the width of the doorways, the distance to them from the nearest corners. Measure the width of the interior and exterior walls. If there are niches or protrusions in the room, places for pipes, then measure their sizes and distances to them from the corners.

Step 2

If you will be drawing by hand, use a piece of graph paper. If you are going to make a floor plan on which a room consisting of several rooms will be located, then a convenient scale would be 1:50. That is, 1 cm on your plan will in reality be equal to 50 cm.

Step 3

Draw a rectangle the size of one corner room, stepping back from the edge of the sheet, taking into account that some external objects, for example, balconies, may be reflected on the plan. Apply its outer contour, taking into account the thickness of the walls inside and outside, window and door openings, niches and protrusions. Shade the outline, leaving the locations of the windows and doorways unhatched.

Step 4

Draw on the plan of the rooms adjacent to the corner, and then the whole room. Mark on the plan in which direction the doors open. Apply the location of electrical outlets, stairways, hatches to it.

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