How To Inflate A Heating Pad

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How To Inflate A Heating Pad
How To Inflate A Heating Pad

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By inflating a heating pad, you can surprise guests, show your strength and simply amuse others. This is because not everyone can afford this trick. Bogatyrs and champions are obviously capable of such a trick. But teenagers, pensioners, and housewives also manage to inflate heating pads. All because they know a few secrets.

How to inflate a heating pad
How to inflate a heating pad


Medium-sized medical rubber heating pad


Step 1

It will be unrealistic to inflate the heating pad without training. To begin with, you must take care of yourself, develop your strength, become physically fit, and most importantly, gain strong and healthy breathing. The trick of inflating a heating pad is not only subject to heroes with extraordinary strength, but musicians, in particular, saxophonists and trombonists, and sportsmen-swimmers who have to hold their breath under water for a long time can easily try to inflate the heating pad. This is because they are the ones who learn to control their breathing for many years and have well-trained, strong lungs.

Step 2

Nothing is impossible. Internally, you must believe that inflating a heating pad is as simple a task as inflating a balloon. Moral preparation is equally important in this responsible business. Remember that victory goes only to purposeful, self-confident, optimistic people!

Step 3

There is a little secret for beginner inflators. The heating pad should be chosen from soft rubber, for the first test it should be small (medium) in size. Be sure to steam the medical heating pad in boiling water before starting the trick. This will make it more elastic and inflate slightly tighter than a thick-walled Pilates ball.

Step 4

When starting to inflate the heating pad, concentrate, breathe in deeply and exhale sharply into the opening of the heating pad. Pinch the hole as you take your next breath into your lungs so that the air does not escape from the heating pad. The first 5-7 breaths will be accelerating, that is, the heating pad will simply fill with air and stretch. Next comes the hardest part. Exhale sharply and frequently while pressing the heating pad firmly to your mouth. As soon as it begins to stretch, the task will become more difficult, each exhalation into the heating pad will be more and more difficult. The main thing is not to let the air out of the heating pad by accidentally opening the hole. Once you feel the limit, plug the hole in the heating pad with a rubber stopper. You can inflate the heating pad until it bursts. But not everyone can do it.

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