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What Is A Card
What Is A Card
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A map is a drawing of the earth's surface made to a certain scale. This is a thing that travelers, pilots and the military cannot do without. The more accurate the map, the more accurate the information about the sizes of objects depicted on it will be, and the more accurately you can measure the distances between them on it. But the card is not the same.

What is a card
What is a card


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A topographic map depicts those objects that you can see directly - buildings, vegetation, roads, rivers and seas. Detail depends on the scale of the map, which reflects how many times the size of the object plotted on the map is less than the size of the same object measured in reality. The larger the ratio, the finer the scale and the lower the detail. For example, if all buildings are displayed on a topographic scheme of 1: 500 scale, then on a scheme with a scale of 1: 5000 - only those whose area exceeds 1000 sq. M. Such schemes are used for construction and reconnaissance work when a small area is being investigated. Usually, these include schemes of scales 1: 50,000 and larger.

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Small-scale maps are used to study areas extended over an area, which allow one to form an impression of entire regions, states and the whole world. The most popular are physical maps that display the location of settlements, highways, railways and terrain, the boundaries of regions, districts and states. This map, as close to reality as possible, reflecting the external appearance of the territory and water area of ​​the seas, serves as the basis for creating other thematic maps. The scale of such maps ranges from 1: 5,000,000 to 1: 20,000,000.

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Such thematic maps include, for example, a political map, which reflects countries, the forms of their borders that correspond to real ones, as well as information about their state and political structure. When the status of the state changes, the political system, borders, and names of capitals change, the corresponding changes are made to the political map.

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The purpose of the card is to provide the most complete information on the issue to which it is devoted. There are road network maps, geological, economic, political-administrative, soil maps, vegetation maps, and even population density maps. All of them are of interest to anyone who studies the territories depicted on them.

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